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  1. Your Audio Engineer is sending you the pro audio route. It is definitely worth meandering down that avenue… I have classic home audiophilia ( Cambridge Marantz Dynaudio Kef) but I recently settled on Tannoy Gold 8s for my office (driven by Audioquest, Chord mojo and Audirvāna) . Stunning imaging and revealing midrange! With 300w amps built in! I got two for $750 new!!! So those your friend mentioned are great too … don’t forget to check out Neumann speakers also … these guys know a thing or two on audio , I guarantee your favourite track has a Neumann microphone hiding in there!
  2. I discovered on the weekend I have the capability of enjoying multichannel DSD files at my fingertips! This is without resorting to very expensive dedicated multichannel DACs. I’m sure they are very good but definitely out of my price range. I use my Panasonic 4K Blu-ray player ($300 at the good guys). I use a USB or SSD attached storage formatted in fat32 to supply the DSF files. Thr 4K player is connected via HDMI to a Marantz AV receiver which does the DA conversion. the Panasonic reads DSD64 and DSD128 in 5.1ch and DSD256 in 2ch. My Chord Mojo with Audirvarna definitely had a
  3. Back in the 90s I built LS3/5s and AB1s from articles in Electronics Australia, when BBC released the plans. Did anybody else have a go at it?
  4. I’m keen to try multichannel DSDs ; what is the best relatively cheap DAC I should consider? I use a Chord Mojo, Audioquest, Mac Pro/Audirvana now.
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