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  1. Sad to see this thread slow down.....I've learned a lot just following it.
  2. I'm old enough to remember a TV set tinkling on shutdown. It's all part of the sonic bliss.
  3. VivaTubes is a trusted site in the USA, been around awhile.
  4. Congratulations. You will be very impressed. Great choice.
  5. Have you tried cutting the zip ties on the side of the caps?Eliminate the upper zip block. Just a thought.
  6. The X7 replaced a SS Kenwood Integrated Amp that I had for 2 decades, and a Yamaha integrated amp. I had gotten away from vinyl for a long time and decided last year to get back into tubes. My first amp was a McIntosh Tube amp I purchased from a friend in 1972, cheap...just had to replace a few tubes. But raising a family put things aside and now we have time again. I knew I was not going to spend $5K on a McIntosh so I started looking for a good point to point tube amp for under $1500. It really is amazing what the X7 provides in that catagory . I searched the forums of numerous sites and kept reading positive quality references on the X7. It really is not far from high end units in build quality. There is opportunity to upgrade the capacitors but that's down the road. Having VU meters for easy bias adjustment was a plus. Triode/Ultra Linear is another plus. I never used the internal phono stage and have never used headphones, so I can't speak to the quality there. It has plenty of power in either mode. It is a tank. I kept the stock tubes in for several months before rolling. I was very impressed right out of the box but knew I'd roll tubes when I moved the system into our updated home. The original room was 15x17, now it's 30x40, down in the man cave. Dedicated power line for the system....I now have Gold Lion KT88s, NOS Mullard/Sylvania/GE/RCA/RFT 12AUXs and 12AX7s. Also re-issues from Mullard/Gold Lion and others....There is no perfect tube set-up. I'll go weeks and then decide to swap things. It gets real interesting because my current phono stage and DAC have tubes. The MP-P2 coming has 8 tubes. Oh, not matter what you read, rectifier tubes do make a sonic change, especially when you have voltage options like Musical Paradise gear offers. I've even gone back to all stock to relive the original sound and play with the 12AUXs, then the 12AX7s It's just great fun. My 500 plus records are spinning again, and CDs, and streaming via ethernet using Asus Zenbook. Vinyl still sounds best to my ear. And the F-4 Phantom.
  7. Hi James, I've had the X7 since February and love the performance. I have a gaggle of tubes that get rotated from time to time, the sonic changes are very noticeable to me. It is becoming a dedicated power amp in the next few months as I complete the addition of supporting equipemnt. A few months ago I added a Musical Paradise MP-D2 MK3 Deluxe DAC and WOW! Check that baby out if you are ever looking for a tube DAC that is a tweekers dream. It too sounds beautiful, so much so that I am awaiting delivery of the MP-P2 Phono stage. Garry's designs are serious gear. The X7 is so well built, clean point to point with quality components. You will be very pleased if you decide on it. I'm driving Klipsch Heresy IIIs. I did a USMC deployment to Okinawa a long time ago. Great memories.
  8. Yes, they are plentiful. They walk all around our property, right pass the windows. But we've learned to be aware and do certain things to keep them away. Asheville is about 30 miles away. Let me know if you or family/friends are ever looking to rent a log cabin on a creek. We rent two year round on 15 acres tucked away in the woods.
  9. Thanks for the response. I'm having a very difficult time locating a website got the preamp you are using. I did find a Pic of the internals and it looks very good. Question, do you clearly notice the sonic impact of the the pre-amp? I ask because there is talk out there that the Pre-In inlet only bypasses the volume control of the X7 and not the X7 internal pre-amp. That would bad news if true.
  10. I just ordered one! I have the MP-D2 MK3 Deluxe DAC. Great gear, upgradable magic in the design, caps, boards, firmware, tubes, usb...the sound is as close to vinyl I've heard. Being a vinyl fan boy I had to get their Phono Stage after having the DAC for several months.
  11. Looking forward to learning and sharing information about tube based audio equipment. My gear is: Muzishare X7 Music Hall MMF-1.5 TT with Ortofon Bronze Musical Paradise MP-D2 MK3 Deluxe DAC Project Tube Box S2 Phono-amp Akai-GX-4000D-Reel-to-Reel Denon 8000NE CD Player Klipsch Heresy IIIs Two Boot boxes filled with tubes Giddy up!
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