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  1. Neural X is my default setting unless there is an Atmos track available. Its pretty impressive as you say Betty Boop!
  2. Hey mate, what have you got? I have a MRX740 & just bought a AVM70 as well, so probably going to just use the 740 in the spare room.
  3. Did you make many adjustments? How much difference do you think it made?
  4. Interesting - Specs taken off their website - AVM 70 - 32-Bit/768 kHz DAC (AKM AK4490EQ) MRX1140 - • 32-Bit/768 kHz DAC (AKM AK4458VN)
  5. Further information: Approx 2.5 months old, amazing unit that’s out of stock until October, love the sound so much I’m wanting to upgrade to the AVM70. Has worked flawlessly, no bugs. All original packaging & accessories available. has been used mainly as a processor, on board amps are only driving 4x Atmos speakers. Approx 60-70 hours use. local pick up preferred as first priority. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising
  6. Thanks for putting this back in action - nice work 👍 The 2 packs of Bigfusor Diffusers I had in my cart are now out of stock
  7. Do these coupon codes update regularly? I see this one has expired when attempting to checkout. Thanks
  8. Try Point by Yello - it was mastered in Atmos I believe. Seems to have better channel separation and less Atmos vocals. At least in my room
  9. Apple Music has just gone to lossless & Dolby Atmos (apple calls it Spatial Audio) today. Just been listening to a bunch of different music playing through my Apple TV and it’s pretty awesome hearing 11 speakers being utilised for Music
  10. Music playing through Apple TV 4K is playing in Atmos
  11. Spatial Audio is working also, just listening on the AirPods at the moment, about to give the Home theatre system a go
  12. The 1120 has the Toroidal transformer going for it as well as the extra on board amps that you say you don't need. The 740 doesn't have the Toroidal transformer, though as you're mainly using it for a Pre/Pro I'd want the newer features of the 740. Its going to be continually improved via firmware for the next 3-5 years, vs the 1120 which may not see any further improvements. I have read those that have upgraded from the 20 series to 40 series, have noticed an improvement in the sound quality. Bear in mind that there are still some reported minor bugs in the newer models. (I've experienced no
  13. As mentioned above the "20" series doesnt have the assignable Amps. Im running the 740 for my 4 atmos channels and using a 7 Channel amp for the bed layer.
  14. Is it possible the noise is the plastics in the unit creaking when they change temperature? I know I've had a projector in the past that did something like that, 5-10 minutes into use when it warmed up and the same when it was cooling down.
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