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  1. I do run 4K through the Denon now will use HDR in future so probably can’t go to old, maybe atmos one day but quite happy with 5.1 or a 5.2. The Sonos Amp looked good with a few smart features. guess I was just looking for the best bang for buck. Do you have experience with t758 if so what issues have you found, my main concern is reliability hence why I’m not considering a Yamaha as I’ve had bad experiences with them
  2. I’m looking at upgrading my AVR and wanted some advise, I’ve been running a Denon x2300w in a 5.1 setup for a number of years now but feel like I’m running into the limitations of this unit. Firstly I upgraded my front and centre speakers late last year and started listening to more music and have found the 2 channel performance a bit lacking particularly bass response at high volume. Secondly, I was thinking of running a 2nd zone for some large book shelf speakers in another room and as per above feel like power might be an issue if run in parallel. Third. Lack of features ie p
  3. Can’t speak for the 1000 pro but I have a single ported 2000 pro in a similar size room and have to turn the gain on the sub way down -19db just so the bass isn’t over powering. I was actually considering switching to a duel sub setup with something smaller as it felt like a waste.
  4. Fair call and something to consider. To my original issue would I be hearing the difference between the MA Silver 300's and the MA Bronze 500's using my Amp or will I be needing something more substantial and there for better off saving a few dollars
  5. Thanks. isn’t it possible under certain loads like with more bass when it operates at other resistances it would need more than the 95w my amp can supply at normal volumes As to other speakers I get that I just find sounds coming from behind distracting, if I was gaming I could see a point but in movies it just feels like a gimmick.
  6. I have a bit of a dilemma and hoping for some advice, I’m currently running a 3.1 setup on a Denon x2300w with some cheap Sony speakers and a sub. I’m looking to upgrade and initially was looking at the Monitor audio bronze 500’s or the Paradigm Monitor SE 6000F with matching centres and a SVS 2000 pro sub, however after hearing the Monitor Audio Silver 300 with matching 350 centre. I can’t go back. My issue is will my Denon power these sufficiently for home theatre usage or should I save my money and stick with the original speakers I was interested in as so far as I know they are more suited
  7. hope I will get some good advice and pay it fwd some day
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