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  1. Literally still have a pair of these sitting in front of me, totally capable speaker way beyond its price point with a decent amp. Glws
  2. Thanks @frankn and everyone. Honestly I’m not so much looking for purchasing advice; I have a Gumby as well as the dac in my h190, both of which are pretty tidy to my ears. I’m mostly curious around the future of DAC improvements beyond revisions to hardware. I like to imagine there’s a solution where hardware is robust and flexible enough to support radically different firmware implementations and a range of different (yet authentic) sonic profiles.
  3. Thanks @Marc, do you who will likely have them?
  4. Has anyone seen these in stock/available in Australia? Ideally Melbourne?
  5. My experience would tend to agree with this statement. That being said, I've read a dozen comments on the new Sunlight update for the DS saying that it's a revalation, this could be hyperbole though. I think for me it's less about having "the best" and more about having the excitement of a different sound to change things up a bit.
  6. Hey all, I’ve been reading lately about FPGA DACs and the upgradability of PS Audio’s Directstream, but with sunlight being the last update for it, there’s not a whole heap more future there. are there many other DACs on the market offering upgrades to firmware that will enhance the sound quality over the coming years?
  7. If anyone happens to be upgrading to this from a Cambridge Audio CXN v2, I’d happily take that off their hands 😁
  8. Item: PMC Twenty5.26i (or non i) in walnut Price Range: $7,000 - $8,500 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: says it in the ad. Price will vary on the condition and whether it’s the i or non i version. thanks!
  9. I'm not sure if congratulations are in order here, or simply to say hats well and truly off to you Simon! I whole-heartedly applaud your generosity and diligence; this can't have been easy or simple, but you've done it damn well.
  10. I am becoming very, very all about the vintage pieces in need of love. Beautiful looking, will send a PM.
  11. Item: Cambridge Audio CXN v2 and / or CXC Price Range: $1,600ish for both negotiable ($1,000 for the CXN, $600 for the CXC) Item Condition: Used or ex-demo Extra Info: Looking for either or both of these, preferably in black but silver is also fine, in any case they would ideally both be the same colour. I’m based in Melbourne, so a local would be great, but can arrange shipping. Thanks! Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  12. I can honestly live with the fact that Tidal makes choices for their business, love it or hate it, they get to make decisions and we as customers don’t necessarily have the right to insist on choice within that single platform. That being said, I’ll probably be cancelling my tidal subscription and moving back on to CDs from band camp because I don’t love the way MQA carries on and want to show that. What I really struggle with is that MQA seem to apply different standards of encode for different tiers of artist. I’m quite certain based on the way their pipeline works that there is
  13. Love it. Is there much science about the weight / pressure vinyl can be subjected to?
  14. Brilliant, that’s nice and clear, thanks a bunch Mauro!
  15. Hey all, I have a Hegel H190 which comes with a very high damping factor, and I’m told helps it reign in bass woof and provide a little extra low end control. Assuming that’s right, my question is, does this mean it’s going to be better paired with speakers with bigger, bolder bass? Or will it also play with ones that have a tighter low-end response? I guess I’m just a little confused about damping factor, it’s always advertised as a positive, but everything comes at a cost
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