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  1. Hi, I am resurrecting this topic as I am looking for answers on that one. We're about to go on holiday and I would like to get a DAP, but I am also looking for Android Auto. Our car has a better user experience with Android Auto than CarPlay (it has a tablet like screen and CarPlay screen is much smaller than Android Auto). As I have an iPhone, I would have loved to use the DAP also in the car (I will provide connectivity to it by hot spotting my iPhone). I understand iBasso DAPs have stock Android, but could not find any confirmation if Android Autoo would work.
  2. I am based in Europe so don't think these options are available to me. Am posting from time to time on this forum as I find you get excellent feedback from folks on this forum 🙂
  3. I have a thread already in the amp section but as I am focused now on speakers thought I'd open one here. I got two weeks ago a second hand Audio Note Meishu line amp and am looking now for a high efficiency speaker to get the most of my amp. I would have loved to get Audio Note speakers, but they are not cheap and am thinking to get a pair of speakers for 1 year which I can upgrade later on as I save more cash. I have three opportunities within my budget and a third with a stretch: - WLM DIVA monitors https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/audio-tv-en-foto/luidsprekers/m17113
  4. Hi, I have been looking at get a high-end DIY speaker for my tube amp. As I am incapable of making them myself, I have been hunting them in the second hand market. I have now an opportunity to buy this speaker which seems to have an exceptional quality, but apparently not widely discussed being a very expensive setup (about 3k USD). Appreciate if anyone can give me some feedback on the speaker and how it can match commercial speakers in the range of 3-4k. I need to take a decision today otherwise I may lose the opportunity.... Needless to say the seller is not in the same country
  5. I have continued my journey and indeed am no longer locked to 300b - I am also looking at speakers as indeed I got to the same conclusion that I need a pair match. The problem is that I cannot afford (nor I think I will find a store allowing me to find both in a driving distance) to get both together. I need to source them separately, and I will hunt them in the second hand market. So speaker recommendations are welcome. I have been looking at a Proac Response D15 which I can get for 1100 EUR and which I see a lot of opinions saying they go very nicely with SET tube amps. For speakers I will
  6. No I have not and this is exactly the point I was looking for feedback on. Thanks for raising this! The worse thing is that I am struggling to find a place where I could listen to both variants and make my own mind. The huge issue in Belgium (and I am happy to rant about this forever) is that finding a store that will lend you gear is not evident. The stores here prefer to have people listen in the store and then push them for the sale. Hate it!!!!
  7. More problems with my x7 as my power tubes are instable with their bias on the right channel plus I tried to tube roll and encountered issues always on the right channel. Finally after a long discussion with the Aliexpress store owner he proposed to send the amp for diagnosis and repair. As he has an Italian tube specialist repairshop on tap, I agreed and will ship the amp over there. I assume I will not see the amp back for a while so am thinking of selling it when I get it back (hopefully in mint shape) and thinking of buying a higher end tube amp and i am not sure about where I
  8. Thanks curious to get your feedback. Mine will be very skewed because I got yesterday my MHDT Orchid DAC which is just incredible. I will plugin the new tubes later to see the differences.
  9. So my first set of tubes is on its way from the Netherlands. I hope I get them tomorrow. I got a matching pair of Philips Miniwatt 12AU7 produced in Heerlen and a single Amperex Bugle Boy 12AX7. This is my first experience with tube rolling but from what I read this looks nice. I am hesitating now with the rectifier GZ34. These are much more expensive. Any feedback on the benefit of replacing it? For now I keep the stock Muzishare KT88.
  10. Managed to get the tubes. Bought Slovak ones for cheap as prefer to hunt for the real replacement online. I replaced both 12AU7 and the 12AX7. The issue is solved and the amp sounds now properly as well the meters. Really happy. Now will let the system burn in - this will take a few weeks.
  11. I don't know in all honesty. This is all new to me. The seller told me not to use the amp until he sends me the replacement tube. He says that I can only replace the faulty one. I am looking right now to see if I can get my hands on a pair of 12AU7 tubes.
  12. Based on that the seller tells me it is the 12AU7 tube that is faulty, and he is sending me a new one. Isn't it better to replace both 12AU7 tubes? And one more question - I have a passive LDR pre amp in the house. I connected it and used the pre-in mode of the X7 - still the same issue...
  13. In the meantime I have been in touch with the seller shop. At his request I swapped now the 12AU7 tubes and indeed it is now the right-hand side meter and speaker that show the same issue. Below two pictures while the same song plays (Chasing Pavements of Adele - one of my favourite "test tracks" ? )
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