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  1. From an audition I had of both headphones a while back - The main difference is that the Aryas have a larger, more expansive sound stage (in both width and height) with much softer dynamics and slam while the HE6SE has incredible dynamics and slam but a relatively standard-sized soundstage (not much height but a reasonable amount of width) however they do image very well. Side by side I think they both have roughly equal levels of detail/resolution. In terms of FR, both are similar but the Aryas do have a slight sharp edge to the treble that wasn't as apparent to me on the HE6SE. HE6SE has a very forward and intense presentation while the Aryas are more laid back. Both headphones are very different and would complement one another well in a collection.
  2. With $15 USD shipping this brings this amplifier under $300 AUD currently (around $295~ AUD) which is a great deal.
  3. Guys.... my... keyboard.... wont.... stop.... with.... the.... periods..... someone.... help....
  4. Item: Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Amp Price Range: Reasonable Market Value (Negotiable) Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Looking for one of these amplifiers to stack with my Cavalli Tube Hybrid. Please let me know if you have one you are willing to sell and I will be happy to pay a reasonable market price for it + postage if necessary (can pickup if in Adelaide). Thanks
  5. I don't truly believe in the perfect system either, how we perceive sound and what we consider the perfect sound one day is likely not going to be how we feel the next day, so it's best to just find something that's consistently enjoyable for the most part and easy to live with. For me, my Stax setup is close enough for me to call it there, but I'm still trying out other things still mainly just for curiosity to see how they sound, rather than trying to find something even better for the most part. I can see myself eventually settling down to just a few different options as you have in the future though - makes it easier to focus on the music instead.
  6. I feel this a lot. Back when I used to listen with gaming headphones off of a soundcard, I never used to really think about gear and would just enjoy the music for what it is. Now that I have a small collection of much better headphones with dedicated gear, some days it will sound great and other days I'll listen and just be bummed out. I feel that what affects this is that we have a level of expectation that we have from our systems when we put so much time, effort and especially money towards them. This expectation is something I feel that we otherwise didn't have before we got into this all. Before all the Hi-Fi, speakers or headphones are just a tool, and unless they're broken they're mostly doing the intended job. Something that I do find that helps, is do your listening on worse gear for a while, and then come back to your better gear. That's helped me find joy in my better gear when I've been in a slump before.
  7. Children for sure, especially unattended around shiny exposed tweeters 😂
  8. These headphones have one of my favourite tunings and are my favourite headphone out of anything I've heard below $300. GLWS though at this price I can't imagine them being up for very long !
  9. I gotta say those dominos thickshakes are pretty damn good
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