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  1. I have 2 more days with the Maya . It definately needs to be listened loud to appreciate its glory.. atleast with my speakers. The soundstage and stereo presentago in is beautiful. Very detailed and handles all the music I play from complex electronic, speed metal, fast jazz , James Brown, orchestral and old timely wimey. It's forgiving for less produced music too. Speed , accuracy and depth of field is very articulate.
  2. I know it's worth the weight but I'm probably going to hold off a few months and save a bit more before i ask Hugh to go ahead with the build. It would be a lifelong investment but atm I think i can live with my IMF SC"s and luxman 1050 for a little while longer.
  3. Depends on level of build. 1. $2600 plus GST for modules and heatsinks. 2. $180 plus GST for the case. 3. $280 for the machined, double anodised drilled/tapped front panel. (Expensive, thanks to the Oz metal industry which has given up against the Chinese!) 4. Fully assembled: $5600 plus GST with 2 years warranty on the entire amp. 5. Partly assembled: $3400 plus GST with all wiring and two 300VA Tortech toroidal transformers, ready only for you to connect up the mains (which is a UL requirement I do not have nanny permission but it's only a couple of wires).
  4. Wow. Given the price difference thats interesting. You didn't care much for the pynx then I gather?
  5. I'm certainly enjoying the Maya. It's a beautiful kit🤘
  6. The bluesound is acting as volume control so yes i can play it near max with my cheap welling floorstanders but when i upgrade speakers and pre i should be ab lke to get more volume out of the maya. Did you mean the pnyx would sound much better? Obviously should being aussie made and worth a pretty more pennies aswell🤑
  7. Oooh looks nice. I wonder how it would compare to the Elektra pynx pre?
  8. Thanks mate ill talk to edward I was afraid id blow my speakers lol
  9. Thanks mate. Did you have summoners or timbers?
  10. Thanks mate! Do you think a preamp will increase DB of the Maya? I nearly maxed out the bluesound node as volume controller / source and although loud enough I felt i craved to hear it louder....just before my head explodes🤯
  11. Yeah im still deciding between the timbers and summoners. Summoners look a bit big tho. How are your timbers bass wise? Any need for a sub
  12. Yeah and that's probably true for most seperates under 8k..
  13. Thanks Andy. I'll just get a good pre to go on top for source selection. Cant wait to hear it up loud with some good drivers.
  14. Had some time auditioning the Maya . Even with **** welling towers and bluesound no for preamp it sounds amazing. Dynamics are very live and uncompressed with no distortion or weird harmonics. Separation on fast , complex electronic and metal/ rock music is terrific. Grip of low double kick bass is very firm and fast. cymbols and highs are very crisp and sweet with wide presentation. vocals and guitars are full, clear and sweet that can project from quite deep in the field which is a great experience. Even at high volumes there is no harshness or distortion.Stereo presentation is quite wide a
  15. Only thing Maya hasn't got balanced interconnects. Not sure how much of a detriment this will be . I know balanced is supposed to improve SNR and ground noise but whether its a significant flaw compared to the Elektra's balanced capabilities i dont know...
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