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  1. Remember I watched this with my wife. Entire series 1 and 2? rely nice! Enjoy
  2. Hi guys, Will like to check how you guys transfer your files - open to advice. Right now, I have a 5-HDD Orico Bay running 44TB connected directly to Zidoo UHD3000 via it's back USB 3.0 port. zidoo UHD3000 internal left storage bay have a internal 14TB HDD so total running on 58TB now. Overall transfer files speed observed tranferring up to 160-180Mb\second. Current files transfer method for me: 1. From PC Laptop Transfer Files directly to Orico 5 HDD Bay Directy via its single USB 3.0 direct cable 2. From PC Laptop Transfer fi
  3. Have watched 3 full movies over 3 days with new firmware 1.0.6 really stock stable! Highly recommended for W2700 owners. PS : Previously I have intermittent once or twice signal loss like few seconds whenever i played a movie via Zidoo Z9X media player. Now, rock stable solid no issue at all . Thumbs up to BenQ Firmware development cheers.
  4. Readme File: v1.0.6: . Improve half screen while playing 4K HDR/HDR10 content . Other bug fixes and stability improvement Note: Please restart the projector when firmware upgrade is complete
  5. Saw this updated firmware. Trying flash from 1.0.5 to 1.06 cheers. ? https://www.benq.com/en-ap/support/downloads-faq/products/projector/w2700/software-driver.html
  6. Testing the DAC connection and exploring Zidoo Controller APP on Smartphone now. Once DAC is activated, I did discover a quick glance at Zidoo Controller HDMI Mode will be in " closed " mode ( which is good!) I can actually manual set HDMI mode to RAW\AUTO too. ( I connected from ZIdoo RCA - RCA @2 channel AMP) DAC Settings: Internal player Ticked .
  7. Ok it's time for Movies. Today finished 1 whole movie via UHD3000 Watching 4K The Hitmans Bodyguard in ATMOS . Running Smooth and Stable. WOW , I am not sure if I can hear the separation really distinctive between the channels . Will go check out the few demos which I am familar with. Next is to test the Zidoo Controller APP on Zidoo Under APPs - Control Center - I added the IP and done. ( it mention can actually scan QR Code too) Open up file explorer glance through the files and play seamlessly ( PJ off)
  8. ya yap its just a 5 BAY HDD for storing movies . nev use just power off and ON as simple as that. It one's preference if one want to go NAS. U pay for what u get ? Just enjoy the Journey man cheers.
  9. @InnocentBloodhave you tried disable remove the 14TB and see if Oppo 205 can detect the 8TB HDD? If 8TB can be detected, not sure if it's is due to the " Over Capacity Limit " support of the Oppo 205. If not alternative perhaps can use disk management to parition 14TB in 2 paritions of 7TB ( not sure if this method can work out ) and together with 8TB and check if they can be detected? Just 2 cents here. PS : I use a 2 HDDS in a Orico 5 bay HDD Bay and Oppo 203 can detect the 2 separate drives via USB directly with no
  10. Can see the 2 HDDs in my 5 BAY Orico HDD Bay ? ( Currently i inserted only two sets of 3.5inh HDD, will upgrade to 5 pcs in near future) Am Happy now. I think can support up to 16TB Each slot . Let @econav confirm bah. ?
  11. Start the network SMB setup at Zidoo UHD3000 Network Tab Via Oppo 203 Network side: Detect instantly SMB Zidoo :
  12. Ok now back to a quick network setup for the UHD3000. Very straight forward setup done in just few mins ! My intention is to use Zidoo UHD3000 with internal Dual HDDs Add on a current @Orico 5 HDDs Bay aka NAS ( Photo as below) let my Oppo 203 connect to UHD3000 SMB network to play the above USB files and yet same time can play 4k HDR Disc
  13. https://hifive.sg/index.php/topic,572.msg4331.html#msg4331
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