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  1. For full disclosure, Topping sent me a replacement unit, which I've also sold on here. I kept this to keep using, because I personally don't think there would be an issue with the static discharge. Haven't seen any report of unit affected in Australia, which is why I'm selling it on clearly noting the caveat. I see it as getting an otherwise great product for a good price, but I also understand risk taking is not for everyone.
  2. Further information: Very well reviewed headphone amp that needs no introduction. This is my original unit (batch 2008) that I've been using every once in a while since December and have had no issues with whatsoever. Just clearing out things for funds so I'm selling it. Price already factored in the fact that it's before the 2012 batch that Topping addressed some issues (I don't recall what it was exactly, would be easy enough to google). Unit is in Excellent condition as you can see, plastic cover is still on so there isn't any marks or fingerprints.
  3. Do you think it's just this particular amp? Or it's the 845 tube?
  4. What sort of music did you play? I think it might be the lack of power maybe? I have the standard Eclipse so I'd probably have a similar experience. Greg doesn't seem to sell the 845 either. The 880i is his favourite before going to mono/separates.
  5. Has anyone tried the Consonance flagship integrated Linear 845? I'm curious about how it sounds (Class A Single Ended) compared to Cyber 880i (Class AB PP). I suppose the difference would be similar, but less than, between Cyber 880i and the monoblock 845/800?
  6. Never said they are. But I was only referring to things that don't necessarily show up on measurements. Anyway this is way off topic now. I'm not bashing any particular brand or model. My original comment was only that Rythmik is also worth a try, you can compare the "measurements" on the link above if you want.
  7. https://data-bass.com/#/systems?_k=ltpd8l There's a place for measurements but I also think playing "loud" doesn't mean playing it well.
  8. Greg has his 30 days return policy as well if you need to use it. Although I try not to rely on it.
  9. I can second the Rythmik. I have a FVX15 and have been using since last year. It beat the SVS subs around the price range. No idea about JL Got the sub from Richard- Audio Salon. He's a great guy to deal with. I'm getting Paul - Redspade Audio to come measure the room and calibrate. I personally think if you have the money (and can afford those options), spend it on a room measurement and treatments first? Especially with bass.
  10. I've recently asked that question to Greg (for connecting the amp to AVR) and unfortunately it doesn't have a pre-in. It does have a pre-out which doesn't help you
  11. Going back to amps, did anyone here upgrade from m100+ to other Consonance integrated amps like Cyber 880i or Cyber 15th? I've heard the Cyber 880i when demoing the speakers and they're great, just a bit outside budget at the moment. Never heard the Cyber 15th. It seems Greg sells a lot more of the big brother 880i
  12. No question about that. I used Coax into a CD player DAC from 15 years ago and it's so much better. Thanks @Jventer.
  13. My wife is giving me a "told you so" look. Thanks everyone for your comments!
  14. I'm currently running a Bluesound Node 2i and quite like the app. I was thinking of adding just a DAC instead of the Reference 8 streamer/DAC. How is the app/web interface of Reference 7/8?
  15. The only thing is I always thought the tubes would glow more in the dark, but it doesn't at all
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