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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I'll check them out!
  2. The B&W's were a bit murky to be honest.. looking for something brighter. And sadly Im really keen on Monitor Audio's but I cant seem to find any local Sydney shops that have them ready to demo. I was planning a drive down to Melbourne as theres a lot of great HiFi places down there but with the virus in full swing, dont think thats going to be possible any time soon. Keen to have a go at these. It seems like these guys are close to where im located within Sydney. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll take a look around. Yep will defini
  3. Hi! My trusty old B&W DM620's have finally died (tweeter died and now rattles/weak output). Rather than repair it as the cabinet is a little bit worse for wear, been thinking of getting a new set. A few contenders at the moment around similar price range is the Monitor Audio Bronze 200, Monitor Audio Monitor 300, Dali Oberon 5 and the Polk Audio Signature S55 Looking to see if anyone has/owns or has had extensive time with any of these and their thoughts Any input on suggestions would be great! Budget is around the 1.5k-1.6k mark. They're usually for li
  4. I hate being bi-polar it's awesome - Kanye West
  5. Yep using the NAD phono stage! The inbuilt one on my amp is definitely quiet. The speakers are B&W 603 S2's and the amp is a denon AVR-3805. Inbetween the Planar 2 and the Denon is a NAD PP2e phono stage.
  6. I tried but for some reason ended up being even quieter using the onboard phono stage. I will try using a different input though EDIT: Put it into the VCR input and its about 4dB louder so i guess its something! The TT is brand new out of the box and is about 7 days old. If it is i'll be claiming warranty on it! Also it came pre-setup so no chance could be wrongly wired cartridge. Definitely, I'm actually already considering a Bias 2 or Elys 2
  7. I've tried to get Schitt from Addicted to Audio, but never in stock. Good to know you can straight buy from Schitt's site.. looks like this may be the pick! Thanks!
  8. Thanks guys! Looks like i'll be swapping out the cartridge in due course but upgrading the pre-amp to one with more output which would have instantaneous results. Was looking to eventually get the Elys2 or the Bias 2 at any rate I should have done a bit more research before buying the PP2e. I did read it was quiet in numerous forum posts, but seemed to be isolated incidents. Funnily enough, I did try it with a different amp, a Musical Fidelity Elektra E11. It was way way louder and of listenable volume. Sadly this amp did not have headphone output (I use headpho
  9. Its connected to the 'CD' input not the phono. Checked all the pp2e's settings.. nothing different to usual. mm selected and input/output properly plugged in. I've also bypassed the pp2e and connected it direct to the amp. Its even quieter. When I switch to a different source, its normal volume.... Edit: had a fiddle around in the avr itself.. its on pure direct mode to bypass any amp processing... I didn't think that would affect the volume
  10. I have the standard Rega Carbon cartridge
  11. Hi I recently bought a Rega P2 TT, and have it connected to a NAD PP 2e which in turn is hooked up to a Denon AVR-3805 which are driving a pair of B&W 603 Series 2. In order to get any listenable volume, i have to crank it all the way up to -17.0dB, and on some quieter records all the way to -4.0dB, so my amp is running full tilt all the time. I've been eyeing upgrading to a Pro-Ject Phono Box V USB as it seems to have a dial to control the pre-amp output. Would there be any other recommendations out there? Hoping to "upgrade" the phono stage while im at
  12. The fun started the minute it came out of the packaging. Rega's tracking weight instructions weren't too clear for someone clueless like I am and took a few youtube videos to figure it out. Got there in the end. The sound quality even with the Carbon cart is definitely a solid improvement over the LP60X using a NAD PP 2e
  13. Thanks guys! Went and actually bought the P2 this morning in white
  14. So I'm back again! With another question.... So i got all the necessary financials sorted out and im all set to go in and buy it this weekend. HOWEVER, now I saw the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge for the same money. It's got an acrylic platter which some say is better than glass (based on my google research). Should i stick to the P2 or look into the Debut Carbon? Not sure how the Rega cartridges compare to the 2M Red at this price level. Any opinions would be much appreciated!
  15. Looks like the go is getting a P2! Thanks guys! I'll wait a bit longer and jump into a P2. I like the look of the white one, but is the plinth perspex/plastic? If so does it go yellow as do most white plastic objects?
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