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  1. Yes im well aware of Keith and his trial program. I live in the western Suburbs as well and will be hitting him up for a cartidge setup regardless of which way i go, as my eyes arent what they used to be.
  2. yes I have looked at the Mp500 and the Hana Carts. How was the 20x2L with igd? what were the mids like? how did it cope with poorer recordings? as some of the stuff i listen to isnt recorded the best.
  3. Hi Everyone So im looking to buy a new cart and a phono stage if need be. Problem is I'm not 100% sure on the Cart/tonearm matching thing and its driving me mad. My System TT: Kenwood KP-1100 (which I believe has a medium mass tonearm) Amplifier: Pioneer A-70DA (Phono Stage specs: MM 2.8mv/50kΩ, MC 0.24mv/100Ω) Carts I've had in the past: at440mla, dl103r, dl110, Mx97e, (Currently running a denon dl160) I loved the tracking on the at440mla as i can hear IGD a mile away, but it was lean on bass and a bit bright. My ears cant take to har
  4. Does this unit come with its original remote? Is it region modded?
  5. Hello Does anyone know how to adjust the auto lift of the Kenwood KP-9010? On most 12" it wont lift up at the end but it will on every 7" I play, so im sure it just needs a slight adjustment. Problem is I cant find a service manual for this TT so I;m hoping someone out there knows how to make this minor adjustment ?
  6. Hi Everyone Whilst I have my Yamaha Px-2 on the back burner as it needs a little attention, I'm using my Pioneer PL-516X turntable as the main. I absolutely hate IGD and ordinarily, can spot it a mile away. However, lately (at least to my ears) I can't seem to get rid of it. That carts I have are Denon DL-103R (many hours, heavy headshell) Denon DL-110 (many hours, light headshell) Denon DL-160 (hardly used, probably around 50-60 hours, light headshell) Audio Technica AT440MLA (many hours, medium weight headshell) PL-516 Tonearm Specs
  7. I have a Yamaha PX-2 which needs a little attention. But yeah, gotta love tangential turntables.
  8. Hello Everyone I have a Yamaha M-50 amp that is 120 watts per channel into 8Ω, but the Jamo speakers I have are 6Ω. Will I run into problems if I use these speakers on this amp or must I get some 8Ω speakers instead?
  9. Hi just here go see if I can find a good stereo amp. I have a pioneer A-449 which isnt sounding all that great to me anymore ?‍♂️
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