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  1. Hey Ben, I haven't followed all of this but are these Eidolics comparable to Furutechs you have used? Don't assume any prior knowledge on my part where cables are concerned.Thanks. 🙂 Rob
  2. I am a Headphone guy with a decent system, so all of my listening is 'critical' - to an extent. I liked the reading analogy, it resonated with me. It's like doing the quick crossword while still following something on television or doing the cryptic crossword which requires concentration. I tend to think of critical listening as 'active' listening, which I employ more when listening to classical music with a decent sound stage. Listening to the old Mercury Living Stereos and the like with focus allows for an appreciation of instrument separation or identifying if the recording is reverse phased, which is the case more often than you would think. I would even think it extends to some popular music; for instance I could happily listen to a lot of bands through speakers while doing stuff, but for bands I consider worthy - just IMHO - like Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Dire Straits, I get more enjoyment from focusing on the music and how great it is. Mind you, the rabbit hole can beckon with this stuff, I probably have over a dozen different versions of Dark Side of the Moon and all the early West German pressings of Dire Straits, so it can get a little nutty.
  3. Further information: Heed are a Romanian outfit who made the very popular Canamp and this was the successful follow up. It is a very detailed and resolving amp while still maintaining a slightly warm and lively tone. This is the upgrade model with the seperate regulated power supply. This is a great Class A amp and can easily drive any headphones you throw at it. My LCD's and HD800's sing with it. Nice review here and there are lots of others on the net. https://www.headphoneer.com/heed-canalot-iii-review/#:~:text=Main Conclusion,detail%2C dynamics%2C and insight. It has great reviews, please research it. Lots to like; it is modular and the 2 piano black boxes look very cool side by side. It also has two inputs which come in handy for shared listening sessions.. It is a very beautiful looking Class A solid state amplifier. My photos don't do it justice. I currently have 3 HP amps and only need 1, so I am listing this and a Cavalli Liquid Gold X and keeping only my Phonitor XE - the wife will be happy. Comes with connecting cables, power and original boxes and manuals as shown. Price is firm as it is a bargain. RRP $1890 at Audio Solutions. SPECIFICATIONS\ Canalot III Inputs: 1x analogue / 1x S/PDIF RCA / 1x USB Outputs: 2x 6.35mm headphone / 1x line out Frequency response (+0, -1 dB): 6 Hz – 260 kHz Input impedance: 10 kΩ Gain: 20 dB Input sensitivity: 320 mV Power: 200 mW (32 Ω) / 100 mW (120 Ω) / 20 mW (600 Ω) SNR: > 100 dB Upgrade card options: 1 DAC 1.3 / 1 USB 2.0 Supported sampling frequencies: 44.1 / 48 / 88.1 / 96 / 176.4 / 192 kHz Power supply options: X-PSU 40 (standard) / Q-PSU / Obelisk PX Max. consumption: 17 W Weight: 1.2 kg Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.5 x 7.5 x 25 cm Q-PSU Type: Regulated power supply Supported devices: Canalot / Dactilus / Quasar / Questar Dimensions (W x H x D): 9.5 x 7.5 x 22 cm Thanks, Rob Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  4. As usual, I think you are bang on the money. Also, from the OP I have always been somewhat dubious when I see the terms $6,500.00 and hurry used in the same sentence. Rob
  5. Still not sure it would beat my Utopias I got for a good price a year ago. Mind you I haven't heard it so just my 0.02 cents worth; but the Utopias have trounced all m y other high end headphones - even the SD Modded HD800 and LCD-4.
  6. What a s***! Had it myself twice. Love your cables mate, keep on doing what you love and know we are all wishing you recovery. 🙂 Rob
  7. Best bang for buck around but different to Yggdrasil, Schiit don’t really have a house sound. Someone will grab this, it’s a great DAC. Good luck. Rob
  8. I am not sure, if it would be much more, but I would seriously consider the Bifrost. Rob
  9. HD650 and you will have a little change. Still the best bang for buck in that price range. Rob
  10. Please bear in mind I have been a professional Stand Up Comic for 43 years and not a sound engineer, nor do I have 'golden ears' - I have 61 year old ears and am not qualified to give a comprehensive review. Agree for the most part with what @lycos has to say. First up; the German build quality is second to none. It 'feels' solid and the motorised volume pot is worth a mention. It feels like a volume knob should and can be slaved to any remote. It also has a small LED in it which is a nice touch to indicate when it is on, as well as the gorgeous VU metres. It is a balanced amp and in short, it is the best Headphone Amp I have heard. It really does have the utterly silent background some amps claim, almost palpable - I have turned the pot up enough to deafen someone if anything was playing and absolutely nothing. There is a switch for higher impedance cans inconveniently located on the bottom but I have never had to use it; the LCD's sound awesome and it is a great match for the HD800's, which I can find bothersome even with the SD mod on some chains. You may have heard this about other amps, but this thing really will make whatever headphone you use with it sound it's very best - bear in mind, I am going by what I own and the cans I auditioned it with at Addicted to Audio. The sound: firstly, I find many tube amps a bit gooey for my taste and I listen to a lot of classical and prefer fidelity over comfort if that makes sense. From what I have read from lot's of research over a long time on SBAF the DNA Stellaris would be the ideal tube amp to my tastes - but it is a too costly and too far away. For a solid state the Phonitor XE is plenty warm enough, especially when coupled with the Schiit DAC.;I think this combo really hits the sweet spot. The amp has great separation of instruments and vocals and perfect channel balance - which can be adjusted anyway which is a bonus for people with hearing issues. This coupled with the Yggdrasil's reverse phase option has every conceivable base covered. The trebles are crystal clear, on lesser amps David Gilmour's voice can sound a little sibilant; but not with the XE and the bass is everything I need even with enough sub bass to compliment cans like the Audeze - again to pink Floyd; when the heart beats on DSOTM or the opening chords of the Beatles 'Come Together' you can almost feel it in your chest as much as hear it. The pros: The Crossfeed function actually works better than most as the Phonitor line were designed for studio listening. Let me say this though, even at max settings, I didn't put it on and feel like I was suddenly transported to a hall with the instruments all in front of me. We are not talking like the first time you heard Bowie's 'Station to Station' on a quadraphonic kit in the 70's. I do think it would probably cut fatigue down though and while still retaining enough of the above mentioned qualities, probably delivers a slightly more laid back presentation to my ears. Mind you, I am someone that enjoys the 'super stereo' effect of a Head-Fi set up. It has Headphone inputs on the rear also, so you can if you wish leave your favourite cans plugged in without front side clutter. As mentioned it has channel balance correction options. The cons: You can only use one set of Headphones at a time. It does have a single end option but if two cans are plugged in it will default to the SE which I find rather peculiar. I also have it on good authority that if you remove a SE connector while it is playing it will basically blow up! This is not something I would do anyway, but it is good to know about. The two dip switches are located on the bottom of the unit, which is not light and so are in a fairly inconvenient spot. I have never had cause to use them, but even so. As mentioned, the paint starts to fade around the functionality switches after a comparatively short time. Not something that worries me, but for a higher end unit I can see other people being annoyed. Sorry for my amateurish review, hope you get something from it. Reader's Digest condensed version - I love this amp and am not looking to upgrade, which for me is something. It makes all my red-book CD's sound like SACD's. 🙂 Rob
  11. That's a sweet looking unit mate. Look forward to a precis when you have got some hours on it. 👍
  12. I really like them., great value IMO. Contact him through the website and not on eBay and you get them cheaper. I really liked the colour combos available also; I could get brown and black to match my Zebra wood LCD's 🙂 Rob
  13. The Nirvana is a famously good amp! I have the original West german spiral pressings of Dire Straits albums and they are just next level compared to modern remasters. Rob
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