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  1. Hey @GooberedAus I don’t think that matching subwoofer matters much, in my opinion as long as the subwoofer performs adequately.
  2. There should be some improvement but it is variable. Only way to find out is to do it, haha.
  3. I mean, u will hear minor surround effects for ambience but true Atmos sound effects like chopper flying over over something falling on top etcetera. is a bit rare, isn't it? What are your source devices? I might look into my setup again.
  4. Hey @Tubularbells I am assuming u use the M&K purely for movies? Are those LCRs 750s? Which M&K subs are they?
  5. I have since added Acurus Muse processor, Triad Gold 15 sub and Rotel RMB 1095 amp. Also, as I am typing this, acoustic treatment is going up and hopefully, that will add more detail to all the nuances within the sound stage. Bass within the room has improved quite well across almost all seats since adding the second sub, even without any true bass management being applied. Still very early with the Muse processor and Amp. Will post thought soon once calibration is done. B
  6. WoW. Great setup.! The model I used is Triad IC 33SD. They are good, About 700 per speaker. Can dig down to 75hz and output up to 108db. Main reason for getting these for me was SD (shallow depth). They don’t need more then 55mm depth. They sit nicely integrated within the Starlight ceiling panels which mask them very nicely in my HT. Didn’t try the M K brand ones, as I had specific requirements for shallow depth as stated above. Ideally, same brand speakers with similar drivers would be the goal yes but, I doubt u will notice any diff if u mix and match
  7. Hey @GooberedAus Cheers. Ur matching bed channels are ideal, it must be a really cohesive sound coming out of these. How did u manage to mount 550 for atmos? Assuming, that is what u r using those for!
  8. Hi Kez Heard good things about Starke sound but haven’t got anyway to audition it personally. I was quoted AUD7500 for A8.350 by the AV Ace rep. Not entirely willing to jump in at that price without having listened to one personally. We don’t get any in home trials here apparently or money back if it doesn’t work for one’s setup. He also said, that Starke Sound wouldn’t sell their products to Aus consumers directly as he is the local dealer? Not sure about Starke Sound anymore but, it seems to be a very good amp from what I can read on the US forums.
  9. PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SEll Further information: Marantz SR8012 AVR. Made in Japan, build quality is immaculate. Bought new in July 2020. RRP 6890. Has more than 2 yrs of Marantz Australian warranty left. Has been used sparingly in dedicated HT room. Will power up to 11 channels with 11 separate amplifier channels. Potent brains and brawn for Home theatre setups. Has most audio surround and video codecs; DTS:X, Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D and is compatible with HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. Has pre outs for all channels to add power amps for even more flexibility.
  10. Hey fellas Thanks for the input on this topic. After all that, I decided to try class AB amp to see how different it would be in my setup. So, bought a Rotel RMB 1095 the other week, off classifieds here at SNA. Keen to check out if it changes the sound at all, and how different it might be. If it is any better, then I might even go full AB for all bed channels. Can’t wait for it to arrive. Also, I am adding a Triad Gold 15 inch sub as well, which should be here next week. Might add these separately first, calibrate and then add the second sub and calibrate again. Mig
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