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  1. Thanks for the advice. I have more photos but they appear to be too hi-res to post , must have taken them on a different device.
  2. No it’s the original factory supplied power supply I got when I bought the turntable. ( I’ve seen them described as step-down transformers and Micro supplied each market with one of the appropriate voltage. ) What do you think the phono is worth it’s got a couple of marks and a missing case screw on eBay they’re 2k AUD which is way more than what I’d want for mine. I’d do a good deal with the turntable.
  3. Yes they keep offering me no fees deals and when they expire I delist it. My IT skills are poor so I use listing my turntable to try and improve them. If you see one listed in Australia it has to be mine because it’s the only one ever imported. Do you have any idea why any extra pics I try and post on SN post as black ?
  4. It was the last model they made. Motor from SX-8000 only inboard in this case. Plinth and chassis made from half-inch thick non-resonant zinc alloy called Cosmal-Z and a copper floor. Plinth rides on three oil-filled dampers.
  5. No it’s not you ,I got it from my photo library and don’t know why it came up black and I don’t know how to delete it.
  6. It’s 100% functional and mint except for some slight marks below and right of the gold badge on the front where the cat scratched it. Phono is E.A.R 834p (mm-mc version). My posting skills are lousy, sorry.
  7. It has a separate 240v power supply that powers what I think might be an original Japan 100v deck , I’ve never been sure about that. The record weight has a strobe on it that’s dead stable.
  8. Has no arm but arm boards to suit SME/Saec and a guy in Germany will drill you one for just about any arm for a modest sum. Photos:
  9. Hi I’m giving up vinyl having sold my record collection and am looking forward to offering my vinyl-related gear on the forum. Nice deck , valve phono stage and a VPI cleaner. Thanks very much , will follow up later.
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