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  1. If you're on FTTP, FTTC or Cable then you can just plug straight from the NTD into the Wan port on the router and shouldn't even need to configure anything to get it working.. If you are on FTTP and want to run fiber straight into the UDM-Pro, talk to your provider first. If you're on FTTN you will need to set your existing vdsl modem into bridge mode, or deal with using it in double-nat mode and some stuff being broken.
  2. Just going by what i've been told by my recording and mastering engineer friends, the Primacoustic Maxtrap and Fulltrap are some of the best around without going too esoteric or high-end, and they are reasonably easy to get a hold of. Just like the springtrap they are a resonant bass trap, but use a mass loaded vinyl diaphragm rather than a suspended sprung panel. They also have a thick fibreglass broadband diffuser on the face as a bonus.
  3. Everything is repairable! it's probably nothing major. The sub is a mono device, so both inputs are internally summed together anyway, so a single cable is no different from a Y splitter, in terms of the electrical connection.
  4. It should word with just a single RCA - RCA mono cable. Either you need to go into the settings on the receiver and enable the subwoofer, or the subwoofer is deceased. If you turn the sub on (as it seems to be set in the photo, but try different switch settings) and plug a cable in then just touch the other end with a finger you should hear a pop or buzz, if not, there might be something wrong with the sub unfortunately.
  5. That was my main issue with their change to the software. They could have left that functionality in, just out it behind a earning that it's not as reliable as the mobile app. But no. They need their users to use the app purely so they can collect their telemetry data.
  6. Can't beat a Pi based streamer these days for value and functionality.
  7. Sonos did thankfully backtrack on most of what they were going to do to customers with older equipment, but I still think they made a mistake in even trying to disable old gear. They now have 2 apps, one which has limited support and updates which works only for older equipment, and the shiny new one which works for pretty much anything with all the new features but also includes things like mandatory account registration, and is doing a fair bit of usage tracking and other other data collecting rubbish. Keeping that separate old app around is great for legacy users, or people who o
  8. XLRs as passive speaker connections was pretty much the norm for professional speakers around that time, not so much studio monitors or home hifi, but on big PA systems it was the norm. There were amplifiers with XLR speaker outs too which you could easily plug an active speaker or other piece of kit into and cause all sorts of gloriously horrible things to happen!. The pinout should be printed on the back (probably 2+ 3-), and an adapter would be pretty easy to make if you wanted to avoid drilling holes to put binding posts on it.
  9. I ran the Ikon 2s for over a decade. Only upgraded mid 2020 (to Dali Opticon 8s!) The Ikons were a fantastic range of speakers, great detail, solid low end. They still do the twin tweeters on lots of models, just not on entry level ranges.
  10. Alrighty, I'm going to put this in the prog thread because come on.. this is peak prog. KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZZARD WIZZARD - POLYGONDWANALAND Melbournes least predictable band, releasing albums in every style from phych rock to folk to stoner jazz to thrash metal, with many songs across many albums containing segments of the overarching gizzverse story, this album being almost entirely part of that story. The band released this album (the fourth of their 5 full length albums released in 2017 alone) under an open creative commons licence, allowing anybody to pres
  11. maybe finnish metal bands just aren't your thing.
  12. I spent the last year eliminating hum, hiss, buzzing etc by focussing on cleaning up my power. I found those issues to be the most grating for me, since I often listen quietly in the background and only really wind it up when I know the neighbors are out. Warped records are awful though. Thankfully I haven't had a new record arrive warped for years. I do see a lot of modern popular music pressings cut just off center, which annoys the crap out of me.
  13. If we go down this path the original posters will get annoyed, but I will throw one suggestion your way if you liked Isis, listen to Our Raw heart by YOB.
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