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  1. @mistamuzo thank you and yes it seems like a nice community here. Welcome to you as well. Cheers, Mo
  2. Hi Leon, Thank you for the valuable information, I'll keep an eye out. As for the turntable, a friend of mine knew someone and was able to get me a real good deal on the entry level Goldnote (Volare 425 Lite). A bit higher than my original budget, but came highly recommended. It is still mostly in the box and hopefully I can set it up this weekend. Now I need a phono stage, the same friend said to wait and see if any come up for sale on SNA. So I've started monitoring the classifieds here. Cheers, Mo
  3. @bisguittin , @padre_power , @elcamry thank you all for your greetings. @bisquittin , @padre_power I got interested in turntables when my teenage son found a handful of vinyl in the garage and asked if he could look at them. With all the stuff happening in the world, it reminded of simpler times. Then a few days later during the end of the lockdown a friend texted that he was, “3 wines in” listening to Bowie’s Life on Mars on vinyl and feeling young again. Which made me think maybe I should get a turntable and all the thing$ that go with it. I sold a lot of records in the mid 80s to buy CDs and kept about a 50 or so of my favourites stored at my parents’ house. When I was moving to Adelaide from NY and went looking for my records, she told me she moved them to the basement. Unfortunately, most of them were destroyed due to moisture and water damage. I’ve got about a half a dozen left and with today’s prices I can see it going to be an expensive hobby to build up the collection again. Cheers, Mo
  4. Hello all, I’ve joined as I’ve just gotten interested in turntables again after thirty years and thought this would be a great place to get help deciding when I’m ready to buy. Cheers, Mo
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