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  1. Just recently purchased a pair of Klipsch R-41SA and have tried them in various positions to find the best sounding. Tried Front Height, Top Front, Top Rear and finally Top Middle with them on the side walls opposite the MLP which turned out to be the best. 2400mm ceilings so they are a few mm below the cornice with the speaker cables run through the roof back to the Ent. unit. Have them set as Top Middle and boy I should have got Atmos speakers as soon as I got the new AVR - the demo stuff I got off the web is very good to assist you in deciding the best placement but running some m
  2. The 650 is an IR based device that you setup with the Logitech MyHarmony software, so how did you "pair" the 650 to your NUC ??
  3. That is the "holy Grail" everyone is looking for, sadly it does not exist yet. Never had that either via Xplore or Kodi (both 18.9 & 19.1) Never had that at all since I got it Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 + Synology DS218 + Onkyo TX-NR696 + Sony KD65x9000F
  4. If you want good sound then go with speakers, Sound Bars are just a compromise. That being said, start with some 2nd hand Fronts & Centre, then when you get some extra $$ you have a choice to splash out for a sub or get surrounds. Build your listening equipment range with quality rather than quantity.
  5. And, if like me you have a Harmony then you can control your Shield as well as powering On & Off, by getting a Flirc.
  6. Ordered a SofaBaton U1 from Amazon AU on Fri 12th, it's on it's way and tracking shows it's now between Syd and Mel. Hopefully will arrive early this week and I can give it a test drive. Best thing is it does BT as well so can now just use the one remote to control all the devices including a Nvidia Shield TV Pro which is BT.
  7. Available from HN for $128, eBay is pretty much always a rip off. You do need to do the research on there to get any good pricing. https://www.harveynorman.com.au/logitech-harmony-hub.html
  8. So Dolby have already made Atmos obsolete, that didn't last long !!!
  9. Does the PC have Network Discovery turned On ?? What SMB level is the PC set too ?? What SMB level is Kodi set to ?? Are you using NFS or SMB to access PC in Kodi ??
  10. Remove the starwars robot on the far RHS small table , then move the AVR/AMP that is on RHS small table to the right so it's centred. Take the other small table away and move the large ent. unit to the right so it butts up against the RHS small table. Take the small table you removed from the RHS and put on the LHS of the large ent unit. Good time to have a big cleanup of cabling, connections etc. etc. You'll be amazed how you can streamline you setup that way. LHS = Small table, MID = Large Ent unit, RHS = Small table
  11. Just go to Bunnings and buy some of this - @ $2 / Mtr will not bankrupt you https://www.bunnings.com.au/antsig-heavy-duty-speaker-cable_p4362319
  12. As I pointed out over at WP, YT videos are stereo only so that is why you are not getting the full surround sound experience. There are are number of web sites that you can download good video & audio from and use those to test your setup. https://thedigitaltheater.com/ https://www.demolandia.net/ https://www.demo-world.eu/ https://kodi.wiki/view/Samples https://berlin-mastering.com/category/surround-sound-test-dolby-digital-test-hd-7-1-5-1-11-2
  13. Was fine when I had one and used it to view on a Sony 65" 4K TV, then upgraded to a 4K player so I could get all the higher quality video and audio.
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