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  1. https://www.psaudio.com/products/perfectwave-sacd-transport/ " Send the raw DSD layer of SACD into your I2S input DAC so you can hear, for the first time, what’s long been unavailable to external DACs in these high-resolution discs."
  2. Started using my 2.1 system for movies as a trial since the weekend and... it's actually pretty good! 2 channel can also create 'surround sound' The only disadvantage is dialogue is not clear sometime probably due to downmix process.
  3. I saw lots of positive reviews about the new Samsung soundbars. Which one are you planning to buy?
  4. It's a 2.9m x 4m study area rather than a room. The open plan living room is bigger but I want to keep all gears away from kitchen. Actually I have a 5.1.2 system now (Anthem + Monitor Audio) and I know the soundbar cannot compete with separate speakers. But I also feel my current system is a overkill for such a small space and these gears are losing values everyday...
  5. For a small room in an apartment (meaning low volume most of time), is it still worth to get a 5.1.2 full setup for movies? Or Soundbar is good enough?
  6. The muffled dialogue issue is reported in almost all cinema around the world. But the dialogue on UHD is fine.
  7. Item: ifi iphono2 or 3 phono preamp Price Range: depending on condition Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: also interested in Primare R32 or Primare R15
  8. I bought the 'LASBISTS complete starter kit' from Amazon. It comes with basically everything you need. I also suggest to get a better heat sink so you don't need to use fan for cooling. The sound of fan spinning can be annoying.
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