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  1. Anyone on the fence - I love these speakers! Even better now that they are roon ready which I somehow only realised recently. Much improved usability as a result compared to the Kef app. Spotify connects seemlessly too. Hard to imagine a better full blown system for 1.9k.
  2. Recently bought a NUC with a slightly lower spec and different case off Sander and it’s been plug and play and running very well. Great member to deal with. This looks awesome and someone will be very happy I am sure!
  3. Let me know when you get some of that good wire in 😄
  4. Thank you, pure silver would be my preference at this stage. From what I read the Silver Dragon gets better reviews than the Meze silver cable. You reckon it’s easy enough to re-terminate? Guess it’s long enough at 3 metres
  5. Item: As above Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Wanting to try a pure silver cable for my Empys.
  6. Further information: For Focal, Hifiman & Sony headphones with dual 3.5mm entry. 24 AWG high conductivity, annealed and stranded oxygen-free copper wires High quality Rean connectors Fully sleeved end to end Ultra lightweight and flexible build Irradiated polyethylene dielectric 3D printed splitter Individually serialised Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If
  7. Further information: I bought this high quality cable for portable use with my Meze Empyreans but ended up taking my HE-4XX with me most of the time so I am offering it up for sale. It is a fantastically built cable made of copper using silver solder. This is part of Koala Audio’s higher range Taijitu series which is not yet on offer through their website. Koala Cables are maybe not that well known yet but their reputation is slowly growing. I own two of their cables and they are fantastic value. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/koala-audio-cables.957365/
  8. That sounds awesome! Just wondering - do you have your end points plugged straight into your nucleus or are they connected via network? Way out of my price range but looks awesome!
  9. Awesome! My NUC had snakeoil OS installed initially but I am tied to roon so now it’s set up as roon rock.
  10. Awesome, thanks for sharing! I have a fanless NUC too - just picked up this one. My streamer (pro-ject streambox s2 ultra) is now powered by a Sbooster 18-19v. I thought I could use if for my nuc but just noticed it has less power than is required. Not in a rush to get a LPS for my NUC, just trying to get inputs and ideas at this stage.
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