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  1. Bargain alert!! Brilliant amp - used to own one. GLWS!
  2. Thanks so much Bill, nice to see you around! By the way the copper is sexy, whether it is sexier than Tina Turner 1971 I’ll let others decide.
  3. Thank you! If someone requires a slightly shorter cable or single ended connection I am happy to provide a 22AWG silver plated copper XLR cable with single ended adapter instead of the Silver Dragon. This is a cable in Litz geometry which sounds a bit more detailed, faster and punchier than the Silver Dragon, the latter sounds a tad smoother. Made with high quality components (UK sourced wire, Switchcraft mini XLRs, Viablue splitter, Neutrik make and female 4 pin XLR connector) by @Bengineer. Length of the main cable is around two metres.
  4. Further information: For sale are my beloved Meze Empyreans which I have owned from new (bought from Indie Hifi on 14/3/21 - receipt will be provided). Probably the nicest looking Empyreans in gorgeous copper colour. Most comfortable headphones I have owned. Excellent condition with barely a mark on them, carefully looked after in smoke and pet free household. Comes with two pairs of pads (leather and suede) which alter the sound quite a bit from punchy/bassy with the leather pads to more neutral with the suede pads. The ear pads are magnetic which means changing them takes just a few seconds. Also included is a 3m long Silver Dragon XLR cable (reterminated to 4 pin mini XLR) which provides a vast improvement in detail and clarity over the stock cable (which is not included in sale). If you look at the Empyrean head fi thread the Silver Dragon is probably the most recommended cable for Empys - fantastic synergy. Antonio Meze himself provides a hand written thank you note with the Empyreans which is a nice touch. Happy to split costs for insured postage (add $40) or include free uninsured postage in case you don’t need the insurance cover (at buyer’s risk). Photos:
  5. Thanks for clarifying, I had wondered regarding the bubble wrap. @peppyreal Hifiman bubble wrap here
  6. Further information: Having bought a few silver (plated) cables recently I am now planning to put some pure copper on my Empys. Can’t decide between this and the Silver Dragon so putting them both up for sale. Silver Dragon is a bit smoother but not as fast / precise / tight / punchy / detailed / spacious sounding as this 22 AWG Litz Cable made by @Bengineer. Length including terminations is 2metres. This is a fantastically built and amazing sounding cable that will really open up some warmer cans. It’s a UK sourced wire (Toxic Cables White Widow) with very fine Switchcraft 4 pin mini XLRs and Neutrik XLR termination. Great quality viablue splitter. The shine of this cable has to be seen in person, stunning colour. Comes with a XLR to single ended adapter so it’s like having two cables in one! Further to the sonic and aesthetic benefits this cable will give you a street cred that would be unachievable through the purchase of a regular off the shelf cable. Pointless Disclaimer: Headphones are not included in the sale. Please respect my boundaries in this regard.
  7. Further information: For sale is my Moon Audio Silver Dragon cable. Has been reterminated by @Bengineer using high quality Switchcraft 4 pin mini XLRs . Length is 3 metres. Great sounding cable, the silver brings out plenty of detail and punch, yet it is nice and smooth sounding. Add $12 for parcel post and $15 for express. The Silver Dragon Headphone Cable V3 is a silver conductor-based cable and uses 4 x 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver 24AWG Teflon insulated stranded conductors. Photos:
  8. Further information: Planning to change things around a bit and stream Qobuz direct. Hence selling my Roon Rock server that hasn’t missed a beat. Contains an Intel NUC with 8th gen. Core i5 (Quad Core) processor with 8GB DDR4 RAM and a 240GB SSD. When you compare the specs of the NUC to the Roon Nucleus it has a much faster processor (Nucleus runs an i3 processor as per the pic below). The Nucleus also has less RAM compared to the Intel NUC I am selling. Spec wise you can see it’s similar to a Nucleus+ which has an RRP of >4k. You will get a Roon optimised infrastructure very similar to the Roon Nucleus but at a much lower price tag. It has NO FAN (well, except me, I'm a big fan) so you'll hear absolutely NOTHING. The fanless case looks quite spectacular and will be a nice centrepiece in your setup. Specifications: - Intel Core i5 (8th gen., 4 cores, 8 threads) - 8GB DDR4 2400MHz (1 SO-DIMM, 1 extra slot available, max. 32GB) - 240GB SSD (boot) - Gigabit Ethernet LAN - 4x USB - 1x Thunderbolt - 1x HDMI - 90W Power Adapter included Dimensions: 95 x 113.5 x 247.9mm (W x D x H). Weight 2.88kg.
  9. Apple required to set up initially to my knowledge. Just working through a potential sale and will get back if it falls through (few hiccups this morning but we’ll get there ) PS used iPad mini 2 can be had for $120- just bought one.
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