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  1. Further information: Parasound Halo integrated Amplifier in great condition. It was purchased second hand from Tivoli Audio back in July 2020. Only selling due to not really using any of the extensive feature set its has (bass management, DAC, phono, HT bypass with sub integration, balanced input etc etc) and looking to try something else that is more aligned to my needs. I simply run a Bluesound Node with an external DAC into a RCA input, also run REL subs with the high level inputs so no need for the bass management either. Fantastic sounding amp and I hope I d
  2. Run the AVR in 'direct' or 'straight' mode (not sure what ARCAM call it), this will send the Spotify connect signal directly to your front 2 speakers via the MF with limited processing. But for such a beast of an amp, a dedicated streamer would give much better SQ.
  3. Item: REL T/7i Subwoofer - Black Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. Not currently setup but more then happy to quickly hook up to show working.
  5. Further information: SVS SB2000 subwoofer in great condition and perfect working order. Local pickup only (No box). Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved You understand that a reasonable donation for selling fees is expected upon successfu
  6. Item: Coax Cable Price Range: Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: After a high quality coax cable (RCA to RCA) atleast 1.5m to run between my streamer and DAC. Hit me up if you have anything.
  7. Further information: KEF R300 Bookshelf speakers in Rosewood colour. Speakers are in excellent condition cosmetically and in perfect working order. I have highlighted the two surface marks in the pictures below as well as the damage to the bottom corner of one of the black cloth grills (don't know how this happened as I never used the grills). Speakers come with all original accessories (foam plugs, manual, rubber feet, terminal covers) but unfortunately I do not have the original box. Due to this and the and weight and size of these speakers (heavy!) I would pre
  8. Further information: Up for sale is the well regarded Klein III DAC by Gieseler Audio with the upgraded Kraftwerk power supply! A great sounding DAC and was a huge improvement to my PC audio based system. I am selling due to moving away from PC to a dedicated streamer which does not have USB out. More info: Klein III: https://www.gieseler.com.au/product-page/m16d-klein-dac-iii Kraftwerk: https://www.gieseler.com.au/product-page/m18psu-kraftwerk Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price
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