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  1. Um, converting a balanced source to 3.5mm single ended like this is a bad idea! Your'e shorting two of the amplifiers (likely the negative) left right outputs together. Besides possibly killing the amp sooner or later, it has this weird surround sound effect. I know this first hand having had a badly soldered balanced to balanced adapter that did this once. It actually sounds quite nice in that it's different, but I soon realized that nice virtual sound is due to a small amount of left- right crosstalk added, which funny enough is sometimes done intentionally in headphone amps. Anyway, not goo
  2. I finally received the TRRS components from Aliexpress after a couple months waiting. Here are some picks of my first balanced cable made for my Fostex TR-70. (will suit TR-80 and TR-90). 2.5mm Fiio standard pinout plug, Belden 1804A starquad, and 17mm TRRS 3.5mm plug custom wired as per Fostex manual. (Yes the user manual has the pinout). Just trying then out now with the cable and an iBasso DC01 balanced DAC. Sounds great so far! Jack plug wiring: Soldering the slim profile 3.5mm was a bit of a fiddle, bu
  3. So listened to the Meizu HiFi on my old ATH-M40x from my Android device and I must say it sounded great. No lack of bass which I found on the higher impedance TR-70. Plenty of volume too, way more than I could tolerate anyway. The Meizu is *really* tiny, so its excellent for use with mobile or to keep in laptop bag. In any case, I've started playing with E1DA 9038S G3, which is a lot more competent and a fair bit larger (but still small compared to desktop DAC) and its balanced output, so can only be used on balanced wired headphones. Gave the Meizu + M40x to my wife who's more tha
  4. Aliexpress free shipping has taken up to eight weeks for me in pandemic, I now try find a seller with the cheaper tracked shipping ($3-4) that ships in +- 3 weeks.
  5. My current work setup. New balanced headphone DAC being tested. Waiting on various Pentaconn 4.4mm and mmcx parts to make up some extra cables.
  6. Maybe also consider Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b currently $279 Addicted to Audio ?
  7. Further information: Boston Acoustics CR75, in good condition. I inherited these from a neighbour when I moved and downsized from floorstanders. I ended up keeping them for a few years since they were actually pretty good so I delayed buying new entry levels since there wouldn't have been much in it. I've now finally decided to spend a bit to upgrade so these need to go. I've seen them go for more, but just hope someone will find a good use for them. Pickup only, sorry no auditions. Photos:
  8. The optical cable likey has way less of an important influence than the sender side jitter and the clock recovery circuit jitter on the receiver. Unless you have long lengths, the signal attenuation likey won't impact the clock recovery, and the dispersion should be low. See this: https://audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-chromecast-audio-digital-output.4544/ Notice the horrible Chromecast jitter, then plugin to a topping d50 with a good recovery circuit and signal is perfect! A good DAC will have a decent receiver with a buffer to
  9. Ok true. Just checked pcrad sell at US 2.6/ft so AUD 12 / meter. I would be happy to get at roughly half the price element14 sell it for
  10. Does anyone know where one could purchase Belden miniature star quad 1804a silver plated microphone cable by the meter in AU ? I've seen Element14 sell it for $30/m which seems high, given some US sites look like they sell it for a $4-$5 / meter. Looking to make some short balanced headphone cables into 3.5mm TRRS jacks with this, it seems to be the thinnest star quad available, plus silver coated copper is a bonus.
  11. Found these thinner star quad ~4.8mm diameter ones which look nice. Mogami W2893 https://www.rubbermonkey.com.au/Mogami-W2893-Miniature-Quad-Microphone-Cable-Per-Metre Canare L-4E5C Mini-Star-Quad Microphone Cable https://www.herkes.com.au/cable-mic-4c-e-starquad-braid-thin-black http://www.van-damme.com/vandamme_product/van-damme-tour-grade-classic-xke-miniature-starquad/ Belden 1804A is only 3mm https://catalog.belden.com/techdata/EN/1804A_techdata.pdf
  12. Thanks guys, I've done a little more research. I was originally hoping to find microphone cable with two twisted individually shielded pairs to remove any crosstalk between then. Well, I found some cable manufacturers who make such cables, but, either they were way too thick or not soft PVC so relatively stiff, more for fixed installation. There were also some good figure 8 dual balanced cables, but that's a bit awkward for a 3.5mm jack. Well I thought a bit more about the star quad cables that I was avoiding, and suddenly realised that the arrangement with
  13. Hi, I've just acquired some 4pole 3.5mm TRRS jacks from aliexpress to make some custom balanced cables for my Fostex TR-70 headphones. These phones have a custom locking 3.5mm socket, which is 4p, but Fostex only supply cables terminated in single ended TRS. I found that they can take a special 17mm length 3.5mm jack (regular is 14mm length). What I'm after is advice on what type and where to get decent cable for making up a balanced HP cable. I prefer a soft jacket flexible cable, I'm looking to make up a 3m and a 1.5m cable ideally. I could use the "pro" 4 core microp
  14. Not sure if it's digital or analogue, but the highly regarded and cheap E1DA 9038S G3 DAC has a mode with 2nd harmonic distortion added. Note this is a balanced output DAC so unsuitable for singled ended equipment. I believe a 9038D singled ended version should be out in a cohort months, not sure if they will keep the 2nd harmonic mode.
  15. my Meizu Hifi Pro finally arrived Monday ? and I've had a small amount of time to listen to it. (I'm generally rubbish at critical listening) But I have so far listened only with my old Denon AH-C560R earphones, and my Fostex TR-70 250ohm open headphones. With the Denon's there was heaps of bass as expected, sounded quite boomy actually, but I normally only use those on the bus or plane where the extra bass helps. Midrange and treble was fine. Switching to the TR-70s, first impression was the sound is great, very transparent and crystal clear (much better than the
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