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  1. Ok, the suspense is killing me. What happens when this is installed?
  2. Yes, absolutely true. I know as soon as it's gone I'm going to regret it. If it doesn't sell, I'll store it until I can unleash it again...
  3. Further information: Fantastic beast of an amplifier with excellent dynamics. I am the second owner, having purchased it off a fellow SNA member in September 2020. The amplifier is a wolf in sheep's clothing, with oodles of power, It ran my PMC Twenty5-23's with absolute ease, however, a home reno is on the cards and I get to lose my listening room. Being a hybrid intergrated ampifier, the original tubes can be rolled. If one was so inclined... I have the original box and would prefer local pick up as it is VERY heavy, but happy to ship with Send
  4. Indeed. A good thing too because I needed a convincing reason to justify the Rega Elex R I purchased here. These will have to wait for me a tad longer... GLWTS
  5. These are a great buy! Thank goodness someone got in before me. Was wondering how I was going to justify another hi fi purchase to the other half!!!
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