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  1. Woohoo super pumped to receive this. Can't wait to play with the MrWalkman mods.
  2. This is really exciting. Always preferred Apple Music interface over tidal. Given that I have all apple products, this is a no brainer. Tidal has lost my subscription. Already have Apple Music through a family plan anyway!
  3. Hey man. My friend might be interested in this. Will let you know shortly.
  4. It’s quite strange that Senny would release an “updated” version of the HD800S through Drop rather than by themselves. It does seem that they’re not too interested in being in the consumer market by themselves anymore. I would have expected their Drop 8XX to just be the 800S with less packaging, and no balanced cable.
  5. Awesome guy to deal with. I'm sure it'll sell soon :).
  6. The DNA stratus is one beautifully blue amp - wow.
  7. Fantastic headphones - good luck with the sale!
  8. Another focal HP releasing in a few weeks. Something to do with the letters MG. According to a guy named Nomax on headfi thats got predictions right in the past (he was right about Celestee). wonder if it will replace the elear.
  9. Would also recommend the Fiio Q3. The balanced 4.4 out is actually quite powerful. I have it and love it. It's a great little device.
  10. Bump! Still available. May consider reasonable offers. Want to get these sold while they’re still in perfect condition.
  11. Final decision: selling these ?. Don't think I will have enough time to use them to justify keeping them. My Sennheiser 598se is getting the majority of head time while studying. Firm at 1549 as these are in top-notch condition and were recently purchased.
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