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  1. Further information: if you’ve come across my other posts your know I found these in my FIL’s shed a while back. He raved about them but when I finally got around to hooking them up they pop and distort. Anyway, you can look at post history for full details. He said to chuck them, I said he might get enough for a bottle of scotch from someone who has the know how and time to put into them. I don’t have either atm. sorry for the lack of photos. I literally wrapped them up in bubble wrap an hour ago and put them back in the shed when he told me to get rid of them. They are in almost un
  2. Thanks everyone. I’ll start with the fuse and hope for the best (the fuse is still in place on both speakers, but one has been wrapped in foil). I haven’t really got the budget to sink any money into these yet as I’m still finishing off the house. My wife mentioned the speakers spent a long (around 12 years) in storage and were shipped twice in that time, so you’re probably right re age/deterioration. thanks again. It will be nice to hear what these are links when I have the money to get them fixed up.
  3. Thanks guys. Yeah, I figured that would be the first comment, Andy. Was on the loo at time of original post so didn’t stop to check. The model is “SMGa”. While back there I noticed one of the speakers has its fuse bypassed with tinfoil... possibly a factor? re the T2 lacking the balls, how much output would be minimum in your opinion?? I know he was running them off this amp all those years ago and a few people have mentioned to me how loud they were (obvs volume is not what I’m specifically chasing or use at the peak metric) and there is no way they could have sounded like they did
  4. Hi all, so I finally moved into my house and aa such dragged my father in law’s Maggie’s out of the shed. I got them hooked up this evening abs something is amiss. at low vol they sound muddy and then when driven with any enthusiasm they distort. Popping with bass and distortion in highs too. the full setup is sansui au555a running as pre, denon poa T2 as power (which was bought by my FIL specifically to run the maggies back when he got them) and then speakers. I unhooked the Maggie’s and plugged my richter wizards pack in an pumped them mercilessly without issu
  5. Hi all. Drawing on your collective wisdom again... I have access to a pair of magnepans and a denon poa-t2 and am on the hunt for a vintage amp with pre-out or preamp to run my turntable and phone through... I came across a denon pra 1000 and am wondering if anyone can foresee any issues with that combo? Is there any likely drama running a 80s pre into a more moderns power amp? thanks heaps. James.
  6. The cable is hardwired into the tt though, so ideally and adapter would be the go, or maybe get him to do me a phono cable and have a tech replace the din cable?
  7. That was what I had in mind. But bills cables sound good too.
  8. Thanks you lot. Learning learning learning!! so the model is an ERA 666 and I have attached a pic of what I was calling the Din plug. 5 pin male. I had read on here someone mentioning to be wary of adapters cos not all dins were necessarily wired the same and you could blow your amp or other equipment if the adapter crosses things up. im all ears for what you think would be the best affordable option ?
  9. Hi again all. I recently picked up a vintage tt that has a DIN connection and have had trouble finding an adapter cable that doesn’t look horrid (12 bucks on eBay is the only one I can find that looks like it would accept the current plug ) so I figured I’d have the phono cable converted to rca w ground (so what I consider a normal phono cable). Am I correct in assuming that a rca interconnect could be cut down at one end and soldered onto the tt at the appropriate spot? Obviously a separate ground would have to be included but again I am assuming that could be soldered on as well?
  10. Thanks all. I actually picked up an integrated (Rotel ra-314) that will probably do the duties for a long while now as aesthetics are a big part of the equation for my partner. I’m loving the sound compared to the Yamaha. The denon will get a run with a phono stage when I convince the FiL to dig his Maggie’s out of the same shed. it’s funny, he went down this rabbit hole of sound years ago and actively tries talking me out of it now despite still having the urge himself. Reformed addict I suppose.
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