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  1. Argh , now I have a niggling question in the back of my mind , does it ever end ? Now I have installed the Textreme tweeters , it has brightened up the speakers so now I am thinking of trying the Holton amp modules again as that's what I was missing most was the sparkle , it just disappeared with the Holton modules. Well actually also I am now really curious how the bass compares to the SC200 modules as the SC200 modules are so damn impressive in the bass department. Looks like more playtime to come.
  2. Well I fitted the SC200 amp modules on the weekend and spent yesterday listening to them. It is a little bit clearer mid/top but the biggest difference which I didn't expect was the improvement it made to the bass. The bass just sounds so much better , more of it to begin with but also the quality of it is very good. And it wasn't just the very low notes , it was all bass frequencies that improved. I ended up half of my listening session without the subs going and just the SBA-761's because the bass sounded so good and it was surprising me at th
  3. Ha , I don't have the wife factor to worry about. I built up a subwoofer amp with a 2400w smps power supply with stereo irs2092 class d amp modules , about 400wrms each channel 8 ohm and for the mains I am using my Playmaster Pro Series 3 amp which I bought from Jaycar (when they had audio stuff) and built about 20 years ago , I recently tried some Holton amp modules https://holtonprecisionaudio.com/collections/diy-audio-amplifier-modules/products/hpa-nxv200l-r4-balanced-xlr-input-amplifier-module but I found I preferred the sound of my Playmaster amp so that's what I have been us
  4. My subs are flat down to 20Hz in room so I get all the good stuff down low including what you can't hear but feel , you don't know what you are missing out on if your system doesn't reproduce the lowest notes with authority , for me it's almost the most important aspect of my sound system.
  5. Yes , the speakers on top are for Atmos. This is the link for my subwoofer http://mainkas.tripod.com/page/audio/allmighty/tangen_sub2r.htm I stumbled across this sub over 20 years ago and built one then , that's the one in the photo and I have another one in the opposite corner of the room that I built a few months back. The subwoofer is the cleanest / lowest sub I have heard , I have been to a few live concerts and I think mine sounds better. It shakes the crap out of my house , very good for movies as well. It actually looks a lot l
  6. Yes I will get some pictures and I just realized I don't have a finished picture of my subwoofers , I will get some of those as well.
  7. I fitted the Textreme tweeters on the weekend , I also changed the tweeter level resistor from the 4.7 ohm I previously fitted to a 6.9 ohm as the sensitivity of the new tweeter was higher. Wow , these are impressive tweeters , the airiness has improved a lot as well as percussive higher frequencies and also the stereo imaging has also gone up another level which I didn't expect. I think my main problem with the original tweeter response I was getting was that I came from listening to the Vifa D25AG metal dome tweeter for the last 20 years and was very much used to the
  8. If budget is of concern then definitely console but for best performance/visuals and options PC is the way to go. I have had both PlayStation/Xbox consoles and PC over the years , early on it was a 6 month cycle for PC upgrades to stay up to date and I grew tired of this and moved to consoles for a while , 2 years ago I moved back to PC due to wanting to try out iracing ( irenting , bloody rip-off , crap car handling , Rfactor 2 is so much better ) and have only upgraded once in that 2 year period , so it seems this has slowed down and you don't need to update as frequently to pla
  9. Yes , I had one of those bandpass sub boxes from Jaycar , first sub I owned , had it placed behind the couch and it use to send some good vibes through the body. I ended up making it a ported cabinet and squeezed a 15" JBL Pro Audio driver in there , I still have the cabinet. Unfortunately the original 12" driver didn't survive after a subwoofer amp fault sent the full 80v dc rail to the speaker , that was one burnt voice coil.
  10. Yeah , finally my Sb Acoustic Textreme tweeters will be delivered today from Wes , hopefully I will get a chance to fit them this weekend also I should have the SC200 amp ready to test as well , I will report back in a week or two on the outcome.
  11. As much as I am rooting for Jack and hope he does well I have a sneaky suspicion Bagnaia is going to outclass him this year and I hope I am wrong but I think Jack will loose his factory ride next year due to better performers. Oh Well there is always Remy Gardner on his way up and doing well.
  12. Give Rfactor 2 a go , it's the most realistic handling of any driving simulator , it is way more fun and enjoyable to drive than iracing the only thing letting it down is the online side of things but if you have some friends you can setup a local server and choose your own tracks and cars and race with your mates , this is what I was doing and it was a blast. Now I only play WRC 9 and do the Esports as I am now part of a team (World Erally Racers).
  13. I ended up upgrading to the TrakRacer TR80 rig with my own seat ( Saas Kombat seat , very comfortable) and the inverted pedal mount , the inverted pedal mount works well and the TR80 rig is nice and solid with no flex with lots of adjustability , much much better than the crap RS6 Mach 2 I had. Fanatec DD1 Fanatec Mclaren GT3 Wheel ( V1 and V2 , best value wheel out there) He Pro Pedals Samsung 49" Ultrawide monitor (5140 x 1440) Hp Reverb G2 VR headset I5-10600k RTX3080 1TB nvme ssd
  14. You could do it the other way but the general convention is the way I described so that full signal level is supplied to the volume adjust and it then reduces the signal to the amp.
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