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  1. I haven't tried a comparison on my real hifi system, only basic PC and integrated sound hardware/software, likely would be more noticeable on the real system and for critical listening where I'm just focused on the music. Edit: as I posted previously I could tell the difference with the NPR test on my basic PC, but had to really concentrate, definitely not a great audio output for the test.
  2. You are aware of the risks, so you made an informed decision, so no issues with yourself or your choices Just pointing out the differences and possible risks for others. Edit: yes, even one of the popular youtube reviewers has pointed out that China HiFi are not authorized to sell LM.
  3. Been making a few pair of interconnects for a friend. Bloody time consuming but I guess that's something I have a bit of.
  4. Yes, obviously they do. It's a gamble buying from unauthorized channels, so for the gamblers it may be a punt they see worth taking, if not. In worst case, parts quality is unknown, need to change the power transformer to 240vac $$$, if there are issues paying for the services of a local repair $$$.
  5. I edited my post above. Without knowing based on facts It's speculation and assumption. Fact is they have stopped China HiFi selling LM, the reasons for this are only known to LM, and I'm sure they are well justified. Buying gray market...... at best, you don't get local service warranty and support, or correct mains voltage, and pedigree is unknown.
  6. I'm trying to find a web site for one of the listed resellers within China, there are many listed but yet to find one with a web presence to check local pricing. Edit: besides pricing (and they may be in line once you adjust costs of shipping, GST and duty ect'), local units to China would not match our mains voltage, nor would they be able to be serviced under warranty.
  7. Excellent! As would be expected for our country
  8. Good point, but they do hold the designs and own them, if I understand correctly.
  9. If they are just 'that cheap', why would they protect their distributor chain within China? Coincidentally China HiFi got stopped selling LM just a few weeks after I emailed LM asking if China HiFi are an authorized distributor for LM. Probably would have happened regardless of my own emails *shrug* So why would they not allow China HiFi to sell their product within China if prices are just 'that cheap' over there. Instead China HiFi have no LM products listed now. I'd suggest that they may be counterfeit OR gray market as in out the back door of the factory
  10. From what Kirk mentioned earlier through the pre inputs you have a change on impedance and sensitivity, that's the difference between the two ways it functions apart from removing the selector and volume control, and a major difference between an Integrated and a Power Amp. Tone controls have not really been a common thing in modern higher end audio for a long time.
  11. It wouldn't function if they did. Edit: what you are looking at as pre amp circuitry is the phase splitter and driver tubes, this would be also needed in a PP power amp. This is why I said to you earlier that you could view the R8 as a power amp with a source switch and volume pot. Zed, look at this EL34 PP Power Amp schematic for example ( by Siemens & Halske) One channel consists of V1 & V2 that are both twin triode tubes, and the two EL34's. A different design but you get the idea of what I'm saying?
  12. First work out what VA (watts) you need, and I don't think you need an isolated one. 300watt one is too low for a valve amp like the LM216a, I'd say 500 watt or 600 watt. Edit: @Schan they do make to custom order.
  13. Thought it easier to have one for iview also. Finished watching the 2 seasons of 'Living The Dream' Very good comedy of an English family that moves to Florida to run a Trailer Park, hope they make a season 3. Now watching 'Spirited' Cladia Karvan in a show where she moves into an apartment and turns out she has to share it with the ghost of a rock star. Not too bad so far.
  14. Yeah, cards are scarce apart from those in the 1k to 3k price range 😲 I think It's having an ATI card with this game engine It's OK with max settings on a lower res Had to start a new game as the Surly and Mole missions were not completing so I wasn't able to get things that should have been in spots. Heading up to Surly now, so will see what happens this time.
  15. Crashing a whole lot less on static lighting. I made my way to the Bar too early, now the bravest thing I can attempt is savaging after fights, that I stay out of
  16. These will catch on more and more as the populations get larger.
  17. What the hell! Andy 😲 Car stacker? A or B?
  18. Yup, Thor is a good choice for TV/recorder/setop boxes.
  19. Line Magnetic have a warning on their site too.
  20. Get them to advise on what one, telling them the max draw of the amp which will be on the back of it. Say the amp draws 210 watts max, you will want a 500 watt step down 240v to 220v.
  21. Yes, as above what Andy has posted. Or get a step down transformer from Tortech in Sydney.
  22. This might help https://kangarooalert.com/ Edit: not sure how effective they are, 50% or 80% or not at all *shrug* if cheap might be worth it. Or maybe better to drive slower and more cautiously.
  23. Zed, too ingrained in SS amp design and what is common with them traditionally. For instance a Pre can be passive and have no gain stage and just adds source selection and volume control. Even a valve power amp would need an additional gain stage before the output tubes to drive them, and of course in a PP design you also need phase splitters, this can be achieved with tubes (more common)
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