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  1. I own a C368 with the 1st generation Bluos module and love it. GLWTS.
  2. Mine is a first generation Bluos module for my Nad C368 (from Grays online of all places). It cost $90ish delivered.
  3. Great amp. Add the Bluos module and this is really all the amp you need. Mine serves as the family streaming hub in the kitchen/living room. GLWTS
  4. Very useful amp. My family uses a C368 for streaming. GLWTS.
  5. I picked up the 1st gen. Bluos card from Grays online of all places. It cost less than $100 shipped. Best hifi bargain I have ever found. Whoever buys this should keep an eye on Grays as they have sold a few of them.
  6. I was in a similar situation recently. I ended up with a Rotel A10, Rega P1 and Monitor Audio Bronze 2. This system sounds great. There are a lot of options at budget price points. The new Rega looks like a fantastoc amp. Don't forget the classifieds here. I nabbed a newish NAD C368 for $700 which I use for digital listening. It's a class above the A10 for very little extra money.
  7. I ended up buying the Nad. The price was right and I’ve auditioned the model recently in a local shop.
  8. The AXR100 is a stereo receiver rather than AV but I take your point. It was just that Cambridge’s entry level AX series is usually reviewed positively so I thought it might be worth a punt. For example Steve Gutenberg has replaced the Nad 316BEE with the Cambridge AXA35 as his reference budget amp.
  9. I’m looking to purchase an amp in the 80-100W range to connect to a Mac for Tidal, Sptotify, YouTube, Netflix etc via inexpensive Wharfedale floorstanders. My teenage kids will probably use it more than me (more serious listening happens elsewhere). Would it be better to buy a new Cambridge AXR100 receiver or shop around the sales forum etc for a used but better specced amp such as a Nad C368 or Cambridge CXA80 (both listed on the selling forum at the moment) for a similar price. The warranty of a new product is appealing but so is a bargain with better sound quality. I’m also not sure t
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