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  1. Hi Pete, Just wondering about the possibility of shipping to Auckland, New Zealand? I’m interested in speakers plus cables but not the stands.
  2. Item: Tellurium Ultra Black 2 speaker cable (2m or longer) Price Range: $1200 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I am looking for Tellurium Ultra Black 2 speaker cable to buy. I live in Auckland, New Zealand so seller must be able to ship to NZ.
  3. Further information: WTB: A pair of Tellurium Ultra Black 2 speaker cables or a pair of Wireworld Eclipse 8 speaker cables. I am looking for a minimum 2m length. I live in Auckland, New Zealand so seller must be able to ship.
  4. Hi, are you selling the Special 40? If so, would you be willing to ship?
  5. And can the bi wire be made into a more traditional 2 end banana plugs?
  6. I’ve got a few messages inquiring to this so just saying that I’ve made a trade with another member for a 340ix. Thanks all!
  7. I’ve read that Dynaudio go well with Hegel or Moon. Which is better? I suspect it’s preference. The Moon gave my Evoke a holistic, musical sound. The Hegel makes everything sound holographic and live. Depends on what you prefer! I could live with either, but I’ve got the audiophile itch!
  8. I’m using some Dynaudio Evoke 30. Truth be told, the H190 sounds amazing. Problem is that I purchased the Dynaudio on the strength of hearing them through a Moon amp. The Hegel and Dynaudio pairing I have is 90% to that sound but not quite the same synergy. You know what it’s like with audio, once you hear a good match it’s hard to go back to anything else!
  9. Can you contact me off here again? Search Karel Brooke on Facebook. Might be easier now we are out of lock down.
  10. Further information: Wanting to trade for a Moon amp Hegel H190 amplifier. In near new condition. Used for approx 4 months. Wonderful sound but I would prefer to get a Moon amplifier or similar with my speakers. I live in Auckland, New Zealand so please keep this in mind.
  11. Ah, thanks. Intriguing. Already researching now! Any luck with your 340i?
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