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  1. Thanks @gemini07 for the review of the 2.3SE. I am going to have some time out from my 4.1SE soon with the transport off for a clock upgrade. From the comments here this should bring some improvements.
  2. Hi Tim. Welcome. Please pop into Oregon Wine Lab 488 Lincoln, ask for Mark and tell him he needs some 416’s in his A7’s. The man needs some help and there is only so much I can do from here.
  3. Someone has to step up and buy the 5.0SE and report. Maybe one for the rev heads. I am waiting his new 6J7+ 6BL7 + 5Y3 phono.
  4. The 5687 / E182CC are interchangeable in output stage for the 4.1. Curious if this also applies to my Abbas phono which also has 5687 as output tube.
  5. I disappeared down the 5687 rabbit hole for a bit last night. Certainly a lot of discussion online of the various types. I got to getter me some more.
  6. I know how you feel. I have a few upgrades ready to go but I am getting so much out of the system as is I end up spending my spare time listening rather than tinkering.
  7. Thinking some spares could be a good idea. From memory @xlr8or had the tung sol 5687 as the pick.
  8. Have any of the Abbas owners here tried an E182CC in the output stage? Interesting comments on the dynamics. Definitely inline with my experience.
  9. Last minute hail mary before I look to go in another direction.
  10. Item: First Watt SIT-3 Price Range: Top dollar Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Can’t hurt to ask.
  11. Many thanks. I have a few variables in my system at the moment. I am running in some new paper diaphragms in my HF horn drivers as well as the Abbas RCAs. My thinking is the Abbas RCA's are not as tolerant of this as the Duelund 50s which have been in action for a while.
  12. Interested to hear any experiences burning in Abbas RCA's. Mine are taking their time. It's not helping that I keep taking them out and replacing with a pair of Duelund 50. I have been very impressed with these interconnects.
  13. Fair enough but my feeling is grey market rather than knock offs. Line Magnetic make a great amp. Purchased locally or elsewhere. If someone not able to afford a locally supplied amp gets into LM from overseas that has got to be a positive for all parties as I see it. Talk of fakes is just a black hole of zero.
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