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  1. Item: Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 Woofer Price Range: $0-$50 Item Condition: New or Used Location: VIC Extra Info: Hi all, In search of a replacement woofer for my Diamond 9.1 Bookshelves as I managed to fry one during a party last month. If you have a spare woofer or speaker in it's entirety please send me a PM. Many thanks.
  2. I buried the lead a little with the title, but wondering if anyone can confirm that the mid-range on the Diamond 9.5 is the same driver unit as the woofer of the 9.1 bookshelf? I'm looking to do some repair work.
  3. My DAC outputs 2V so there should be no issues if I run from DAC -> Minidsp -> Amplifier.
  4. Yes, I've sent the seller a message so we'll see what happens.
  5. Thanks Bill. I found a 2X4HD for a good price but the issue is tracking down a UMIK-1. Seems that people aren't willing to let them go, which is understandable. Might have to just order one. I'll most likely be inserting the 2X4 inbetween the pre out and main in of my system. It's a shame that the 2X4's DAC is not as competent as my own, but my thinking is that the improvements the DSP will bring to my system outweigh the negatives.
  6. Item: Umik-1 and 2X4HD Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: I'm looking to get into room correction so I'm looking for a Umik-1 and a 2X4HD, ideally together in a bundle. Located in Melbourne. Cheers!
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