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  1. Further information: I bought these 5 Philips NOS 12AU7 tubes from a fellow SNAer about 6 months ago brand new. I was told that they were made in Australia in the 60's but there are no printed codes on the tubes. The five tubes are: - Early Philips 12AU7 Matched Pair - Angled Circle Getter (2 tubes) - Early Philips 12AU7 Matched Triplet - Circle Getter (3 tubes) I listened to them for about a month, about 120 hours. These tubes are better than new production Mullard tubes. The top- and mid-range are smooth but a bit weak in the bass
  2. Excuse my ignorance here, what do you mean by "power trafo can provide double the heater current" ? What should I look for in my preamp or in the tubes for this parameter?
  3. Sooo... tempting. Unfortunately I don't have a room large enough to let it sing. Anyone who owns it will surely enjoy it. GTWTS.
  4. You have convinced me. I need to save up $$$ in my piggy bank to upgrade my PL Prologue to EVO400 preamp. Similar but probably less contrast, when I swapped the standard PL issued tubes to NOS tubes in the Prologue, it was a Wow and the music sounded much richer, fuller and intimate.
  5. My dream preamp. How does the EVO400 compare with earlier PL preamps?
  6. The woodwork of the speaker is absolutely beautiful. A piece of art !!!
  7. Nice gear that you have 😍 It's true that when one hears good sound coming out of a system, one can then focus on the music instead of trying to pick what is not right in the system. I plugged a Chord TT DAC directly into the P452 through XLR. Whilst it is clear it's not musical and not not nearly as nice as having a tube preamp in between.
  8. Perhaps you might find a "warm" preamp / DAC to balance the sound. I had a "warm" set of monoblocks previously but I prefer the P452 because now I have one less variable to deal with. I know if I get a preamp that is to my liking I can rely on the P452 to faithfully reproduce the music. I like that it is light also and doesn't require another 2 solar panels to fuel it.
  9. I agree with @lemarquis . With the P452 amp, I find that any change in the chain of connections from source to preamp to the power amp becomes very noticeable. For instance, I swapped three different sets of tubes (NOS Mullard, NOS Tungsram, new issue Mullard) in the preamp. The warmth of the Tungsram tubes and the clarity of NOS Mullard tubes become very noticeable. I also swapped from power supply to battery for Chord Qutest and the clarity improved dramatically. Certain bad recordings sounded more awful!!! I think the P452 is very revealing. Whatever music or noise is passed from upstream
  10. I really enjoy this concerto played by Ashkenazy with Chicago Symphony Orchestra conducted by Solti. The collection contains all 5 Beethoven piano concertos. There is a remastered HD version. As you mentioned, the second movement is magical, it is very emotional. I have not heard many other versions in-depth to compare. Thanks for the post, I will get the Zimerman version.
  11. This German album is quite amazing. The album contains a church bell track, a track with squeaky door and people speaking German, classical music, piano track, classical guitar track, singing and the last track is taxing on hi-fi systems - a percussion track with extreme highs and lows and all kinds of percussion instruments together. All of the tracks are superbly recorded. Musik Wie Von Einem Anderen Stern Manger Test CD https://www.audiophilereferencerecordings.com.au/musik-wie-von-einem-anderen-stern-manger-test-cd.html
  12. I am currently using Prima Luna Prologue Premium and Chord Qutest DAC. I have not tried Qutest direct to P452. I have tried Chord Hugo TT to P452 but the sound is not as musical as with the PL tube preamp. My ears are biased towards tube sound ?
  13. I have had the MA P452 for a few months now. I agree that this power amp doesn't hide anything. Since having it, I can hear the small nuances in many recordings, new and old. I then replaced a transformer by battery to power the Qutest, and rolled different tubes in the preamp, any of these changes is quite noticeable.
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