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  1. Fixed now! Thank you for correction Sorry for the confusion. Kind regards Geoff
  2. Hi DonkeyKong Yes there is. I was posting it up - but got distracted. I'll have it up later today. Regards Geoff
  3. Hi Everyone. A huge thank you to all those who participated in this competition. I have enjoyed reading about your purchases and journeys to find a system that suits. We all love to experiment and try out new components, cables and even placing the speakers in a new position. I think that during these lockdown periods we've all had to change the way we buy and interact stores and members. As we cant go to GTGs and stores as freely, we've all be in a position to trust a review or take a chance on a new piece of kit. and so, its nice to see and read about your e
  4. Further information: German Built incredible sounding power amplifier. Looks like a peice of art. I was amazed at the warm detail that it has produces. I have all the accessories, manual, packaging box. I am happy to ship it anywhere is Australia I am not interested in low ball offers. Please click the link for details. https://www.burmester.de/en/Power-Amplifier/956-MK2 Please feel free to PM me or give me a call on 0395250022 Kind regards Geoff
  5. Hi Ed369 Just to add further complexity to your decision making process. I have this amazing Mark Levinson Power amplifier. I am reducing price further to $18,990. https://www.heynowhifi.com.au/products/mark-levinson-no-534-dual-monaural-amplifier Please PM me or call for further info on 0395250022 Kind regards Geoff
  6. Hi Raz Kok I can help you with with a new J2 power amplifier. Please PM me for SNA price and availability. kind regards Geoff https://www.heynowhifi.com.au/collections/pass-labs/products/first-watt-j2-25w-per-channel-jfet-class-a-power-amplifier
  7. Hi gil901 I can help you with New. Please pm me for July speacial deal. Which colour are you after? Kind regards Geoff
  8. Hi Khang76 I can help you. https://www.heynowhifi.com.au/collections/thor/products/thor-ps10-smart-power-station Please Pm me for a deal. Kind regards Geoff
  9. Hey, give me a buzz tomorrow and I’ll check it out for you. Geoff 039525 0022
  10. Hi Gino I can help you. Please contact me via PM With free shipping to NSW Kind regards Geoff 0395250022
  11. Hi Eagle I have a couple of T7i subwoofers and a T5i. please call me for a deal. kind regards Geoff 0395250022
  12. Hi K3here I can help you with HEGEL Please contact mefor advice between the 2 models and pricing. Kind regards Geoff 03 9525 0022
  13. Hi TDX I can help you with both. Please PM or call me for details Kind regaeds Geoff 03 9525 0022
  14. Hi Bsk https://www.heynowhifi.com.au/products/rme-adi-2-dac-fs-ultra-fidelity-pcm-dsd-768-khz-da-converter Kind regards Geoff
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