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  1. BIU😀🔗📄 Good afternoon. I'm interested in purchasing the Chorus Cadenza's. Would cash on pick up be ok?
  2. BIU😀🔗📄 Hi Loc! I can pick it up today if ok? Where in Kingsgrove are you?
  3. BIU😀🔗📄 Hello again Loc. I'm in Kingsgrove also, so I could pick it up ASAP. Covid safely of course. Thanks again Steve.
  4. BIU😀🔗📄 Hello Loc. I'm interested in the Schiit Loki if still for sale? Thanks Steve.
  5. Thank you for your help. I will do that. Haven't been there for a while. Won't be the same without Joe there. He is the reason I'm in this hobby.
  6. BIU??? Hello all ! This is my first post on s.net. I'm looking for a pair of speakers to replace my beloved 35yo Trevor Lees ProAc response 2 copies. I am looking at either a pair of Orpheus Apollo's ( 2014 ) or a pair of Axis LS88's in good condition ( 1994 ) & would appreciate any feedback from members that have experience with these speakers. I will be using a NAD c272 ( 150w ) & NAD 1300 pre. Or an Altronics silicon chip 20w class A amp. Thanks. Steve.
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