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  1. Ive had this amp on my watch list for some time now but it’s age (30 years +) concerns me a little. Would you have any reservations on spending $4300 on an Accuphase amplifier that is that old. ps. My apologies to the OP for hi-jacking your thread.
  2. How would you rate seller. He seems to have a lot of great gear in his arsenal. Would you buy from him again ?
  3. I’d like to thank everyone for sharing their experiences and recommendations. I’m still no closer to putting my finger on a product yet but with half the nation in lockdown it seems that people are holding onto their gear. I don’t think I’ll get much value if I buy new so I’ll patiently sit on the sidelines, enjoy what I have for now and wait for something to pop up. I did have my eye on an electrocompaniet ECI-1 on eBay but it looked a little banged up so I let it slide. Never mind.
  4. Always wanted to try a sansui. How would this amp rate in their list of offerings ?
  5. 30 mm inverted Kevlar and are bitumen lined. I used to deliver components to collin as a young courier when he was in scoresby. Quite often I would barge through the front door with my cartons whilst he was auditioning. I can’t help but think that my speakers came from the same establishment.
  6. Hey guys. Can anyone share any experiences of pairing some 201’s with amplifiers. I acquired a pair about 6 months ago and they have since seen off some dynaudio dm2/8’s. My amplifier is an old jvc ja-s71 (i have a fetish for all things vintage) coupled with a blue sound node 2i (tidal) and they sound great together. Throw in a legend kurlo 3 sub and its happy days for me. I would like to think that my system is well balanced throughout all the frequencies and my greatest addition has been the sub with its high level inputs/outputs. I have tried an emotiva basx -300 directly into the blue sound but it all sounded a little dry for me. The old jvc has just been serviced and is in really good nick but i have a feeling it might be holding things back because of its age. I will like to experience some of that holography that i hear about and can commit 2-3k to an integrated. I’m interested in tube amps and was wondering if anyone has had any success with 201’s and tubes or maybe i should look at acquiring some more headroom through solid state amps and give the dynaudios a third chance ? Or should i look at improving the source with external dac ? Or split the budget beween the two ? music tastes are an adhoc mix of jazz, pop, light rock and electronic.
  7. Jls electronics is the authorised repairer now
  8. Couple of solid recommendations here . I suppose it makes sense to try and “clean up” the bluesound whilst the geiseler dacs come back into production. Especially the r2r dac that has been protyped.
  9. It seems that my attempts to secure a DAC of the geieler variety have been unsuccessful. As a consequence I have had to increase my budget to around 1K ish. I would be happy to take any more recommendations in my pursuit for finding a dac that would potentially give me a greater soundstage than the bluesound node 2i. Should I pursue a dac with MQA compatibility ? I have read that geiseler audio are in the pro type stage of an R2R DAC but again availability and price could inhibit such an acquisition. I have my eye on a first gen MYTEK Brooklyn Dac that’s around the 1K mark but is probably getting a little long in the tooth now. Has anyone had any experience with this dac ?Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  10. I’m still after Some 202’s if anyone has a set , but I’m enjoying my 201’s in the meantime.
  11. This seems interesting. Have you any experience with this product ? How would you rate it ?
  12. I you are still hell-bent in getting an external DAC after you try the optical out then have a look at the new bluesound. It has a great DAC and hdmi e-arc which means you can control the volume of the marantz with the tv remote if your tv has hdmi ARC . I use the older model( 2i ) for music and for movies and it performs very well. If you can squeeze around $900 you will get gains. I’m about to pull the trigger on one myself .
  13. I’m surprised some of the elders havnt tended to your enquiry already but I’ll make a start and ask you what you are using as a source. A streamer ? CD player ? Vinyl ? If you’re chasing detail and clarity I suspect you will need to start here. You’re electronics need to be able to retrieve those details in order for them to be reproduced. In my humble system my streamer is the crown jewel. It gives my old amplifier a really good signal to amplify. You’re speakers are reputable and should handle your room size well. More bass can always be acquired later.
  14. Thanks snoopy. I recall doing this a while ago until the converter failed and I went down the rabbit hole of HT. The result was satisfactory and I have made little progress since and that’s after acquiring a receiver, a power amp, couple of dynaudio stand mounts and a Dali centre channel. It’s the room that is giving me grief. I will revisit this idea I think and strip it all back and focus on my 2-channel setup that I can hear improving all the time.
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