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  1. @Jakeyb77_Redux Awesome thread, love restorations like this. If you need assistance recreating those brass plates, I'm a designer by trade and have made replica design files for silk-screeners before. Regards
  2. These are not SED 6555C (St Petersburg factory) if I'm not mistaken. Different Russian company, which makes vacuum tubes for the American corporation which controls the Sovtek and Electro-Harmonixs, believe the factory is called Xpo-pul. Original Svetlanas are worth a lot more indeed.
  3. That's actually a great idea, thanks for the tip.
  4. Thanks for your input, I've actually done that before too, full at home booth but was trying to avoid doing again.. With this VIC lockdown, made the decision to set it all up again. Thanks all for the help.
  5. Yeah there's quite a few commercial booth hiring places more focused on automotive stuff (large booths etc), sadly prices out any smaller project stuff. Just trying to see if there's anything else available, looks unlikely.
  6. Hey Ian, Thanks for your input. Yeah this is essentially what I'm looking for, still looking around to see if they exist in Melbourne. Cheers
  7. Hey folks, I've got a few design and audio projects I require a spray booth for, is there anywhere affordable in Melbourne to rent one? 1-2 years spray painting experience, just need a cleaner environment to spray some satin finishes. Body shops in my area (inner north) aren't really interested, I'm wondering if there are some co-working spaces that might? Appreciate any thoughts. Regards
  8. Bump, still looking.
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