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  1. Strange, after two weeks of running about 10 hours a day, I reckon the image of this Loewe OLED Bild v65 is getting better, similar to running in Hifi. Is that possible ? Picture seems to have gained further definition, Loved it from turn on but now I’m a bit shocked at the extra clarity. No burn in so far, early days.
  2. These are a very capable and musical speaker, great value too.
  3. Thank you, confess I have trouble understanding the bench tests. Cheers
  4. Thanks @cafe67 yeah, while I can’t speak for him, I think @sir sanders zingmore and I were focusing on Rotels statements. So it’s great to see the results of a live test. Thank you.
  5. Yes, that’s what Rotel state. In a review of my speakers, the ole KEF 104.2s that I’ve refurbished, I noted the statement “The impedance varied only between 3.3 and 4.6 ohms from 20 to 20,000 Hz.” And I was thinking, don’t most speakers, even those rated at 8 ohms, drop well below 4 ohms, often down to 2 ohms in the bass region ? So I’m wondering if it really only matters if a user is likely to drive the amp into clipping. Does that make sense ?
  6. Yes, Steve takes a 70s approach to a 2020s market. Entering his store is just like stepping back in time, love it. He knows his stuff and has been selling top gear for decades. How I wish he could still get new IMF speakers but yeah, he stocks and sells Michi. I bought a Michi RHCD 10 from him in the early 90s.
  7. Hi Al 😁 yes we have a dealer, but he sells rather than stocks Luxman but he does stock Rotel. Your proposal is not something I’d ever thought of, clever. Cheers
  8. No offence taken, far from it, I think you’ve got me sussed again ! As @thethrowback posted earlier, I was keen on the Lux so giving up on ever finding a local used unit, I called Steve at Challenge re getting a new one. Steve (whom I’ve known since the 70s) suggested an X3 or X5. So here’s a guy who will have a sale with either, making a recommendation that I don’t think I should ignore. So that’s how Rotel got into the mix. Not being able to get out for an audition, yes I do put a lot of value on SNA members experience and opinions. I’d not thought of it as “peer c
  9. Ain’t that the truth, but my personal situation prevents me from auditioning equipment, (not that there’s any Luxman kit in SA to audition) so yeah I do rely on and value members experiences.
  10. Funny thing these forums. I don’t believe anyone has expressed that view, nor considered your comments invalid or unwarranted in any way. Some weren’t clear, but I don’t see how trying to clarify an ambiguity should be taken as an expression of negativity. I am neither offended nor ever intend offence to another member.
  11. Given Luxman’s turbulent history and consumers generally moving to more “connected” equipment, I assume you’d be choosing Rotel.
  12. Yeah, I like old tech and things built like a brick chicken house, guess that’s why I’m an old Harley rider. Damn, I’ve not seen any X5’s on the used market, guess I should watch but at $7,500 a new X5 seems pretty good and the MM/MC might attract a wider market, should it be passed on. Cheers
  13. Yes the X3 looks ok too. A nice simple grunty amp about 2k cheaper. For some reason, nothing logical, I’m thinking why buy the 6 cylinder when there’s a V8 😂
  14. Hi and thanks, Gotta confess I’ve never been a Linn fan. I did check the link and man it’s way too complicated for me. I don’t have a network nor understand them. I might use Bluetooth, that’s on my phone, two analog inputs are about the limit of my capability and needs. Cheers
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