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  1. Appreciate the detailed answer. Seems to me like the T12 is more than appropriate. We generally tap out on the volume at around -20dB depending on the source.
  2. Yep the .1 in a conventional 5.1 setup. The only way to access it is to have a sub connected to an AVRs sub out, or tell the AVR there is no sub. It will then redirect the LFE information to front left and right.
  3. If they’re part of your 2 channel setup, how do they receive LFE content?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I too can localise one sub and in the past have had two integrated into my two channel system with great success. However (I should have made this clear in my OP) this sub upgrade is strictly for LFE content only when watching movies and shows etc. Does this change things?
  5. Thinking about a sub upgrade and am looking at Greg Osborn's offerings. My room is 25m2 and we like good quality bass, but definitely don't need to "shake the house" so to speak. I'm leaning towards the T12 as it's more affordable, not as big and front ported. In time I could add another if I thought there was a need. But, the T16 is enticing for it's bigger driver. Interestingly they both have the same quoted frequency response, though I imagine the 16" driver would have more thump? Fortunately I can accommodate 2x subs up front, or one up front and one at the back so placement is less of an issue if I do get a second one. EDIT - the subs will be for LFE content only. They won't be used in my two channel setup.
  6. US pricing is $200 above the Denon 3700 which lands here just north of $2k (depending where you shop). I'd expect the Onkyo to be positioned closer to the Marantz 6015 at $3k. If it's really as good as Andrew says, doesn't suffer reliability issues and can be had for sub $3k it should do very very well.
  7. Unfortunately not. In fact, the remote is limited to volume changes only.
  8. I have thoroughly enjoyed this beast of an amp, but the temptation to move from 5.1 to 7.1.4 is too great and something has to give. Hard to find accurate specs, but I believe its around 185w per channel into 8 ohms. At some point in it's life the relays were upgraded to gold plated Omrons which Arthur described as some of the very best. It may also have had it's RCA connectors upgraded, but of this I can not be certain. Allegedly this previously belonged to @joz. If that's true he may be able to shed a little more light. It has just come back from Arthur's bench who gave it a thorough test to make sure it's all good. While it was there he improved the mains filtering for better performance. Considering it's 18 years old it is in remarkably good condition. It looks like the fascia is cracked on the left side in the first pic. It is not. That's a reflection. When I bought it there was no packaging. I've since had Arthur supply a box etc for it's journey to Melbourne and back. It's bloody heavy so I'd prefer a local sale, but am willing to ship at your cost/risk.
  9. I have really enjoyed this sub for deep hard hitting bass during movie watching, but it's time to repurpose the funds elsewhere. Has built in DSP EQ and sound modes depending on what you're watching or listening to. Use the built in EQ first, then run your AVR room correction for best results. The remote is very handy for adjusting/muting on the fly. The display can be turned off for night time viewing. Auto sensing input means you don't have to manually turn it on. It comes with original double box packaging, manual, remote and calibration mic. Pick up only at this stage - Covid rules apply! PS - the finger marks in pic 4 are not permanent.
  10. Purchased this last year from a forum member. Unfortunately it arrived with a noise issue in the right channel. The seller was very helpful over the phone and we tried a few different things, but to no avail. So I shipped it off to Arthur who fixed the issue. Unfortunately when it arrived back from him the issue was still there. So I sent it back to him and he replaced the entire board and tubes. In the last photo (from Arthur) you will see the original board on the right (he requested I wrote on it), and on the left is the minty fresh wave soldered board. In summary, I'm selling a 2019 model (as noted by the serial number) with a brand new replacement board and tubes - all done by Mr Elektra himself. It does not have the optional phono stage. Original packaging and remote are included. I'm happy to organise Covid-safe collection, or shipping at your cost.
  11. I’m so close to placing an order for gloss black Interludes and C3. Nice to see what they look like next to the Epitomes (which would never pass the WAF due to size).
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