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  1. Recently I bought Krell connect to play Tidal. The source is connected to CEC DX71 DAC, the result is amaging with big sound stage, superb clarity. I keep my old CEC TL51 transport as a vintage point only. I dont think much about new CD any more. Online music like Tidal is too good and no need to go around for a source.
  2. I am trying to see the difference of the two outputs with the source of Naim HDX. Appearantly, the sound quality of fixed output is satisfied enough in terms of details and sound stage, the impression of the sound stage of variable output becomes not significant any more. But the music background of a song is still different between the two outputs. At the moment, I still prefer to using fixed outputs and enjoy more time to look at the sound quality of variable outputs more deeply. In another word, CEC dx71 is a good DAC especially in term of money.
  3. Hi guys, I got my Dac CEC dx71 mkii for 3-4 years and in general I love the gear. Normally I use fixed outputs as the sound is pretty louder and fit my ears. Recently I found out that the sound from variable out puts that sounds pretty smaller but it is more alive with bigger sound stage especially for vocalist songs. Now I look at the variable outputs as a turntable sound and I can switch to the fixed outputs any time I play music with louder background like pinkfloyd, metalica etc. I am not sure my finding is right or just an illusion. It could be great if you know and share your explanation for the two different sound outputs. Thanks.
  4. When you connect directly to the TV, you are using the built in DAC and amplifier which could create the sound distortion. If you use the digital out of the TV, you could eleminate the noise possibly.
  5. Have you tried a DAC for the TV digital out line and later conectting the speaker with analog out terminals of the DAC. Cheers
  6. The author does not mention to his music source and interconnect speaker cables. To improve the reproduction sound quality, we should take other audio elements into consideration. Before blaming the amplifier, I would like to upgrade the source as his mentioned amplifiers are not bad ones. For chosing another amplifier, I would prefer some from hiend brand like pass lab, sudgen etc. I hope the owner could find a good solution for his favourite music
  7. Hi, could you post the 1.5m pair with ground wire? Thanks. Ngoc from Melbourne.
  8. Yes, when the time comes, the dream will come true
  9. I have been in Melbourne for 4 years and my hifi system is growing up day by day. I want to learn more about music n hifi and like Wilson speakers and audio research even now I dont own any of them. Hihihi
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