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  1. Dam - have it but haven't watched yet - trailer looked promising. I guess time will tell (no pun intended).
  2. 👍The Gentlemen would be close to, if not my top movie of the year
  3. yes have seen Cosmic Sin at JB but having heard nothing about it previously had me wondering - might save the $ and see it it shows on Netflix etc then. Watched The Little Things for the second time this weekend (wife fell asleep the first time - hence second viewing) - great movie.
  4. check the level on both the sub and the AVR (adjust if necessary) then check if it changes if you move about the room it may be the position of the subs (even though 2) I suspect the first may remedy
  5. might have to watch this as the original was a great story original 1976 film cost 320,000 to make and made a tad over 2 and a half mill at the box office (aust)
  6. In no particular order (just looking through my collection) - and subject to change (and ended up with 12) Training Day Black Hawk Down Thin Red Line Oblivion Hurt Locker Last Samurai Grand Torino Platoon Kill Bill (1&2) Suicide Squad Big Fish I am Legend Meaning to get a copy of Donnie Darko on Blue ray as haven't watched for a while
  7. try marine sikaflex (sikaflex 291) - wear latex gloves when applying as it can be hard to remove - trouble with the normal sealants is they deteriorate quickly in the elements Got sick of sealing a few leaks in our veranda once a year with the standard outdoor stuff- used marine sikaflex and four years later still no leak!
  8. Try this one (Tony and Marks and a few of the better Foodland supermarkets in SA have it) never tasted a cheese that comes as close to my favourite https://www.snowdoniacheese.co.uk/product/amber-mist/
  9. I remember walking down Rundle mall to see Mad Max at the Acadamy Theatre in Adelaide, was around 15 - not sure if I lied about my age or not Great movie I have all 4 (pretty sure the first 3 are DVD with 4K Fury Road). Love the rawness of the original Big fan of the old school Falcons Plenty of quotes...... Like the sign say's "Speeds just a question of money, how fast you wanna go?"
  10. yes generally common for the AVR to set the sub too low MLP = Main Listening Position (assume MPL is an error) or in my household the Male Listening Position also known as the BDP (Beer/Bourbon Drinking Position) when reclined
  11. Just as a followup the issue has not occurred since (not even the slightest hint of it) playing any other disc or media Put the Bloodshot disc back on keeping volumes reasonable to avoid any potential damage and there it is. I'll take the disc back to JB and see if I can get a replacement. cheers for all the replies/suggestions
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