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  1. Nice! And they've (slightly) updated the pizza box!
  2. I've had my greedy little eyes on this ever since Ben posted it but I just cannot fit it comfortably on my desk, which is over-crowded with gear. It's very well-reviewed, with the Holy Trinity of headphone outputs, and it's got those thunk-y switches and old-school indicator lights that I love. I'm sure it'll make someone a happy (wo)man. If you're in the market for an RME ADI 2 I would consider this instead.
  3. Ergonomics and fit are crucial for earphones and headphones. For those on the fence about the 2020 Solaris, I understand that the shells are ~ 20% smaller than the OG Solaris.
  4. "....we recommend being 2 persons during the lifting and handling." These lovely loudspeakers are clearly not intended for a mere mono-person like myself. Best wishes for the sale!
  5. Haven't heard the 2020 version but used to own the OG Solaris and it's da bomb. Some very good listening here no doubt. Best wishes for the sale and I hope you get on with the new Sennheiser flagship IEM. They do look very ergonomic.
  6. The resolution on these things is NUTZ. To quote another member here: you CAN hear Elvis drop his burger at 2:12 during Suspicious Minds. Oh yes, and we do have an Australian distributor for tips, spare filters and other accessories: Pacific Ears. See here.
  7. Yep, I would take this over a Bluesound Node 2i, esp. if you're planning to use Roon. Lots of angst with Bluesound products and Roon over at the Roon forums (I've experienced some of it myself). By contrast, nobody seems to complain about this unit--it just sits there and does its job. I've had mine for a year and half and I don't think that it has EVER lost connection to my network/Roon when it wasn't supposed to. I cannot say that about any other Roon endpoint.
  8. Hey folks, this is tentatively sold--will confirm ASAP as soon as the transaction is finalised. Cheers!
  9. Hi Reuben3, Holy cow, you found a Violectric 280 here?! Well done--they don't seem to come up very often. Re: the Ares II, I have an ad that is waiting on approval for a one month-old unit in mint condition with all packaging, accessories, etc. Price is $1000 excluding shipping. Cheers, Bill
  10. Further information: For your lockdown pleasure is a Denafrips Ares II DAC, purchased one month ago from Dacman Audio here in Melbs (so just burnt in on top of the 100 hours burn in from the factory) and in mint condition, with all original packaging and accessories. Check out the pictures below. I mean, my cat Dwight Eisenmeower sniffed it curiously whilst I was boxing it back up, but otherwise it is unmolested and has had a life of comfort and ease. Letting this go because I am consolidating DACs and sticking with my trusty Chord Qutest, which I find mor
  11. Barry's a true gent who looks after his stuff. And he also likes Leonard, so bonus points!
  12. The graphics on the boxes are cool as! Definitely 1960s. These look like they should have been installed in George Jetson's skycar radio!
  13. Former owner of the D10s here. Don't forget it also is a DD converter, y'all! USB to either optical or toslink. Just think of the possibilities!
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