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  1. That is some great feedback and thank you taking the time to write it up HdB! please see a graph of RT60 just an FYI. I have reasonable good control Of high and mids but no do much bass. Having said that bass is still within acceptable range. I bought 4 DC2s and installed them yesterday on front wall. First impressions they made audible difference to tonality and made images more stable. I’m still not getting much depth behind the wall though. Not sure what the problem is with speakers 1.5m out into the room.
  2. Out of USA best to use FedEx. You pay a little more but delivery would take 2 weeks. They have their own planes. I recently sent a package to Poland. Took 2 weeks to get there via standard mail.
  3. I have some acoustic absorption in my listening room which made a big difference. First reflection on side walls, ceiling and back wall all have absorption. RT 20 is pretty good and around 0.3 across most frequencies down to 400hz where it bumps up to 0.5. So frequencies are well controlled but I’m missing depth behind the speakers. Images are well formed in space between speaker and wall but not so much behind the wall and depth behind the wall is lacking. Would Vicoustic diffusers help? How many would I need to get take a difference? Room is 5.75m (w) and 6.8m (l) and 2.1 m (H). Thanks in advance!
  4. Yes I know about Primaluna AC offset killer and own transformers. the hum is audible when standing next to the amp. It doesn’t come from speakers. I can’t hear it from sitting position when music is playing. I can vaguely hear from sitting position when music doesn’t play. I’ve also noticed the hum subsides somewhat when amp is fully warmed up after an hour of playing or so. It doesn’t disappear but is a bit less audible. I’m generally happy with the amp. It’s probably a bit less holographic with less depth than I expected but it may be my speakers are not dialled in perfectly. I’m getting some Vicoustic multifuser further down the track to see if it makes a difference.
  5. Yeah. I’m listening to my system now. And wow. I’ve only had the new power cable for a few days and I can’t believe the difference it makes. It’s one of the best upgrades. I reckon more significant than interconnects. There are different opinions on the net but like with ,most things in this hobby one needs to try it out for himself to really know.
  6. Good point Rocky. Yes they are different length. Isotek is 2m and standard cable is 1.5m . Yes isotek is meant to be far more superior. It certainly looks a lot more substantial with massive plugs and active shielding. I will try changing where I plug it in. I will plug the amp into a power board to see if that makes a difference too. many thanks for your advice!
  7. Yes the same power plug rocky. I don’t know maybe Isotek really does let more current through? It’s doing something to make it sound like amp has more grant.
  8. Yeah you’re right why didn’t I think about putting the stock cable in before.
  9. Good feedback here. Thank you! the hum is there with bluesound or rega so it’s probably not related to the source. Interestingly it got louder with isotek cable over stock cable. the dc blocker sounds like the way to go. PrimLuna is meant to have an ac offset killer but not a dc one.
  10. Ok thanks! I think the upgrade has definitely been positive. The sound seems better and the hum is only audible when music is not playing. DC blocker sounds like a good idea neo. I’m wondering if Isotek power board would do the trick? Considering this to be my next upgrade.
  11. More of a question here, how do you find your dyns s1.4. I was thinking of getting a second hand pair from a local shop . Always been a fan of c1s but these are outside my price range.
  12. Hello All I decided to try an upmarket power cable and got Isotek sequel the other day to replace a stock cable on my Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP integrated amp. What I’ve noticed so far is an improvement in sound. Images are better formed, more stable and are more meaty (present). Soundstage seems more expansive. Am I just imaging it or have others noticed similar improvements in their systems? On the other hand I’m getting more audible transformer hum from my amp over stock standard cord. Any ideas as why that is or has anyone had similar experience and any advice on how to lower the transformer noise? Rest of my system consists of Buchardt s300 mk2 speakers, bluesound node 2, rega rp3 turntable, wireworld oasis 8 rcas, qed profile speaker cables. Many thanks! Greg
  13. Hi All I’ve been following this group for a while. Feels great to be a member. cheers greg
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