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  1. I couldn't see that this had been separately posted.....
  2. How do I edit the post title to say it's now available? LOL just realised that it's been a year since the first post....
  3. Thanks! Trying it through my Node 2i. Definitely not as well integrated into Bluos as Tidal.... Sounds slightly brighter though my 800s but it's still early days. I like the Amazon playlists much better than Tidal.
  4. Hi,. I don't suppose that you supply any warranty on them?
  5. Were you using it to feed into your Denon AVR? What did you upgrade to?
  6. Very cool! But please tell me that isn't an exposed 240v fuse on the back....
  7. Nothing like the sound of a flat 6 at full throttle. Mine has been making beautiful MFI noise since 72....
  8. Easily the best speaker that I have ever heard- when correctly paired- in about half a century of critical listening, including the D3 and many others. Very unlikely I'll ever part with my beautiful cherry wood D2s.....
  9. Last time that I looked, the packing boxes alone cost nearly $2000....
  10. I can't believe that these stunning speakers haven't been snapped up. Tough market.
  11. Do you know if it's ever been serviced? Belts and rubber parts replaced?
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