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  1. Does anyone here have personal knowledge and experience if this is on par with the quality of a 1095 as im looking to add more amplification to my current setup
  2. Item: Rmb1095 or Rb1080 Price Range: $1k to $2k Item Condition: Used Extra Info:Must be silver facia to match my existing stack. Im happy for and will pay shopping cost but must have boxes in 100%working order Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can delete this text before pressing Submit).
  3. My boy chills with me like religion when i crack on with some 2 channel time.
  4. Doesn't that then void the purpose of the floor spikes???
  5. Doesn't that then void the purpose of the floor spikes???
  6. Needless to say thankyou both so much for your replys on this post
  7. My centre is angled up towards the MLP. Sorry my post was more regarding the positions of my front towers to achieve that stereo image so they disappear. Speakers all have spikes underneath
  8. Hi ralph i o own 2 pairs of excaliburs, 1 pair in the cherry and other in black.. If its possible could you answer some for me questions if its not to much trouble?
  9. Hi guys and gals. My names Ray, I've been a member on here for a little while but i like to keep to myself and fly under the radar. I've recently bought some vintage Richter Excaliburs for a home theatre setup after having some experience with Richter when Ralph was in charge and owned a unicorn mk2 centre. Ive build a hometheatre/hifi setup and I was wondering if there is anybody who owns these fantastic loudspeakers has an idea on best speaker placement as in my room I have them 600mm from both front wall and side walls and being driven in Bi amp configuration with a Rotel Rb1095. Im just trying to better my 2 channel experience and i was hoping i could gef some friendly advice TIA. attached are some pictures of my room and setup
  10. if i cover shipping cost to sydney is that ok?
  11. Hi mate are you willing to seperate the Excaliburs from the dragons?. i already have them in the cherry and id love to add a 2nd pair for my home theatre... Ray rxvz11@gmail.com Please reply to me asap cheers
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