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  1. How are the subs going, happy with the integration, any more room treatments employed ?
  2. To quote myself and reply your loaded question is returned with not much more than an eyebrow raise at this end. Understanding the Earth Star Point and what the SMPS leaks to it is possibly a more relevant discussion . Is your TT metal chassis earthed ? If it isn't it may need to be, which could negate the IsoTx connection via the mains to the metal cased drive. To go on, the E core is becoming an outdated POS, in the face of toroid grounded screening between windings and better more efficient cores, that and Research and development, transfo
  3. What a revelation, use of an Isolation Transformer between the power point and the SMPS in the source end of the "single ended system" I would believe what you are hearing is a lower noise floor., better SNR ect. ect. without any ground loop. Been doing exactly that for over 30 years. If you have a computer and monitor, using those as a source plug them in the secondary side of the Iso. Tx as well. Common practice and tool of Trade in the backline is a 300va isoTX. By a very long margin Toroidy in Poland make the ducks nuts Iso Tx. in the World IMHO.https://sklep.toroidy.pl/en_US
  4. 4mm2 TPS would be enough, the Orange Circular is, er overrated https://www.clipsal.com/products/detail?CatNo=2025D&itemno=2025D-WE&tab-document-1=0 for the power point. In my 35 years contracting, I have never in my life seen a multiple earth stake system on a domestic home the member above is an Engineer, not an Electrician (with all due respect of coarse) multi stake earthing has it's own problems/safety minimums of installations also. 6mm2 is minium man protective safety earthing conductor, install 10mm2 if you must as an earth connector. Don't forget to upgra
  5. Not necessarily :) Personal experience was was with a rack of 250 watt x 2 power amplifiers each with a pair of 625va toroidal transformers, 10 channels in total. The array was sensitive to waveform distortion and at some times of the day they would all hum and the transformers cores physically chatter. Late at night no worries, during the day, was quite audible and a PITA to be frank. Even different power amps would do it. Took a while to solve the issue, like most things, throw a ton of money at the problem and it went away., about $20K for a stand alone power system, backed by the mai
  6. Agree in a perfect World . Sometimes though you may be at the end of a long L.V. run from the local distribution transformer (20 houses full of noisy crap on your supply upstream of you) , with that in mind, deriving a supply via an isolation transformer/filter/waveform re constructor thingo becomes viable, but that's off the topic
  7. Sorry to jump in if I may, Red is sort of correct, imagine on a single circuit, wired for low impedance by it's very nature a dirty old fridge is plugged into it with a pair of contacts in the thermostat that have worn out, the motor cap is leaking and lost it's Zzaaap a decade ago. The stereo shares the same circuit and just so happens it is further down the parallel circuit. Running a separate circuit may alleviate waveform distortion that the stereo equipment power supplies will see as the faulty appliance is then "further away" or on a higher impedance part of the distribution withi
  8. With a new switchboard, earth stake/conductor, new mains, new point of attachment + all the other outlandish stuff will keep a Sparky busy for more than a day., I would estimate a couple of grand easy, the chicken comes before the egg in this case. A common ground will keep the earth potential resistances to one another lowest as possible in event of any fault. If you do not run a second multiple earth neutral on the secondary of the iso transformer I think you will find you "must use the site main earth link" via the regs. Keep thinking that if there is any current flowing d
  9. Hi Aaron, someone who is good with surface mounting, mmmm, why not try a phone repair shop with micro soldering station. I would imagine if you had the parts and directions as per those (rather yucky looking as shown) modifications via the link posted earlier and the dude with the iron has some knowledge, you might just go ok. Keep us posted :) cheers.
  10. Tap onto the site earth stake is a better idea with your Iso Tx, keep all the main grounds common to one another. I hope you know that what you suggest is a total, utter and overkill with regard to the 32A56 Series stuff. Good old ugly Clipsal double pole GPO is the go. BTW that miniscule contact will run a welder/kettle, so unless your stereo is operated in the +3Kw region miniscule would do nicely. Have a nice day Red.
  11. Great Project. Have you done any live measurements ? Personally a https://cannonsound.com.au/collections/duratex bloke although it's not for everyone. Have found tho, my own projects after decades of use re coat really nicely and in a jiffy. Well done, I hope you enjoy them for many years to come.
  12. My idea of a "Dedicated Power Line" differs from most. Wink, wink nudge, nudge BUT, well outside the handbrakes scope of cost in embedment at the premises.
  13. Check your earth stake and have an Electrician check the main switchboard Mutiple Earth Neutral. Otherwise upgrading the switchboard, re stripping all the terminations and re doing can return results if there are any with regard to noisy loose terminations. If you are experiencing issues like "being able to hear things through the stereo, like the fridge switching on and off" eliminate these faulty devices.
  14. Watching on with much interest, please keep posting as to how the miniDSP is modded to make it sound better. Personally operate a similar "rig" as in a highly sensitive high output horn/bass reflex 5 way and the single best improvement to overall SNR, SQ and dynamic range was to eliminate analogue input completely (get rid of the TT ) and operate it with an isolated digital input . Beyond that running gains on all channels at below 0dB in the minuses eliminates the tiny amount of hiss the DSP can generate if the channels are driven in positive dB., this includes the main attenuati
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