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  1. Further information: 3 m Canare RCA cable from Ghent Audio. Have managed to get my components closer so don't need this any more. The new price is USD39 and I got them in Oct 2020. The Ghent item name is A01---Canare L-4E6S RCA (M to M) Cables (Pair) ( https://www.ghentaudio.com/part/a01.html) Prefer a local pickup, but happy to post. I haven't checked but am guessing will add $10-12 to the price.
  2. My system stayed stable and cheap for about 12 years. It wasnt bad , krix speakers with NAD integrated and CD player. I plugged my phone to the integrated when streaming came along. But in last couple of years with kids older i sold all of that and went into relatively more expensive stuff including streamers, DAC and tube. But now i do have time to just listen without doing anything else, so its getting some good use.
  3. Hi @xlr8or, if I could tap into your knowledge again.....is 5687 a good replacement for 12bh7? I am dabbling in tube rolling and they seem a lot cheaper than the 12bh7s in the NOS land.
  4. Thanks so much for the comprehensive guidance. Much appreciated.
  5. Hi, I was looking at a pair of 12BH7 tubes and on this site , it seems one pair is USD69 and the other pair is USD149. Both seem to be "sylvania tests NOS 12BH7A Gray Plate O Get matched pairs" . Here are the links, if any of the expert tube users could please explain the reason for the difference and if the more expensive one is worth it? https://www.vivatubes.com/tests-nos-matched-pair-sylvania-usa-12bh7a-grey-plate-o-get-tubes/ https://www.vivatubes.com/tests-nos-matched-pair-sylvania-us-12bh7a-grey-oval-plate-o-get-tubes/
  6. Hi, I got one of those USD100 clocks from AliExpress ( it's called BT7GL or something like that). Still have the original eherregen power supply and the cheap switching power supply for external clock. It's been 4 months or so and I must say Tidal sounds much more analog with the harshness take n off. But it is definitely a rabbit hole so am planning to stop here rather than do the after dark clocks and the linear power supplies.
  7. Hi, I had the node 2i but when I bought the consonance reference pro 8 it was night and day. The reference pro has great musicality and also has bunch of features like up sampling, Bluetooth, linear power supplies inside etc. when you add the cos of a dac to your streamer and factor in quality/ musicality it’s a great purchase.
  8. Its sold here by Greg Osborn of Osborn Loudspeakers. On his website he says he sells with kt120 or preferably kt150. Sorry not on laptop so not putting link in this post.
  9. Thanks for the research, good to know. Its a great amp, and i went for the KT150 as the power tube and its so good to listen to.
  10. Hi, i purchased new around end of 2019. I only looked at them in last few days to dabble in tube rolling.
  11. Hi, my cyber 100 15th anniversary does have two 12bh7 as driver tubes though spec says 2 5687. I changed the preamp tube 12ax7 to genelac gold ( a bit more gain) and then to electro harmonix which was a bit quieter. But didnt hear any major differences.
  12. I got an etheregen about three weeks back and then a week later got the aliexpress(bg7tbl square wave) external clock with a lv77s word clock cable from ebay . Must say each one has made a difference to streaming from my NAS and Tidal.
  13. Thank you for posting these. I took advantage to get a few favourites on DSD . The exchange rate helps too.
  14. That’s some serious investment in your digital audio chain! It would be great to know your review and learnings once you stabilise things
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