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  1. Thanks - no I haven't been able to try it much further away as I haven't got a long sub cable. Will at some point though. I have just installed svs soundpaths though and that has helped make things a bit clearer
  2. Hi all, Thanks for all the information you've provided so far. Realised I didn't introduce myself. I've got a fairly modest set-up of cxa60, kef q350 and a jamo sub250 (plus a 90s marantz cd52se, project tt, Chromecast audio). Happy with things in general but a quick question re. Subs: I know the one I'm using is pretty low grade but I'm stuck with a room configuration that means it's stuck in the corner jammed between the tv/hifi cabinet and the wall, just behind the left speaker (room is ~6x5x4 lwh, weatherboard house). At louder volumes it does sound a bit muddy and I sometimes wonder if the kefs alone (if I took the bungs out) would be enough. However, I do like the sub's additional bass (i mostly listen to jazz, hiphop, electronic). So (thanks if you're still reading!), I'm wondering whether a better sub (e.g. the rel t5i was recommended to me) would make a difference or am I going to get the same issue with any sub at higher volumes do you reckon? Thanks in advance! Cheers Si
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