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  1. I am potentially after them to be part of a home theatre set (5.1.4 or 5.2.4) with music as secondary. From what I have read the 948's are designed for a room 30m2 or above and mines only 20m2 (4m wide 5m deep) so I wasn't considering them as I assume too big for my space? I would be driving them with my Yamaha RXA3080.
  2. How long ago was that mate? I'm also keen to demo both once this lockdown is over and was planning on making a trip to Trimira. I also found this place based in Virginia that deal in Focal, but I have not contacted them to see if they have speakers available to demo or if they just order them in as required. https://www.electronicliving.com.au/product-view/speakers-35
  3. Hi everyone, Heading down the upgrade path hopefully this year. Still running my Jamo E6 series that were made in Denmark back in the day and they have served me well, but I think it's time to replace them so will be browsing the threads on here with great interest to start the auditioning journey! Cheers
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