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  1. Thanks to everyone for their comments. Always a great learning experience. I am loaning a GSP audio Reflex M first to see if it is a step up from the Mani. Depending on that i will either stick with the MM carts or start dabbling with MC’s with either a SUT or dedicated stage such as GSP accession mc stage..
  2. No, only because I don't much about SUT's. Will definitely do some research though. Thanks!
  3. Hi all, hoping to tap into your vast experience for some guidance/recommendations. I am looking to upgrade from my very reliable and good sounding Schiit Mani as I want to dabble with MC carts. I have a Audiolab 6000A amplifier, Technics 1200GR TT and Ascension Timberwolf floor standers. While I am happy with my Nagaoka MP200 cart paired with the Mani, I am led to believe that it may not be as proficient with MC carts. As a result I am keen to consider first a phono stage upgrade followed by a decent MC cart (have my eye on the AT 33SA). Pricewise I am looking at up to about $2K or just ove
  4. Listening to my Music Matters copy of Maiden Voyage.. such a nice sounding record..
  5. Thanks for all the comments! This forum is such a great vehicle for getting a good dose of diverse and mixed responses, which is exactly what I was after. As a result I have now been introduced to Bill from QLD who is making me some boutique cables that are not going to result in me having to mortgage the house. Buying from the member network and from Aussie sellers is so satisfying. Thanks once again for all the passionate comments.
  6. I think your spot on.. anything with a good brand name that comes up for sale seems to sell fairly quickly.
  7. This is not a dorothy dixa type query but I am always keen to improve the sound I listen to from my system. I am keen to hear about the experiences from members who have upgraded to expensive (> $250) interconnects between phono / amp / turntable in particular. Was there a wow moment?
  8. The Adelaide/Ascension choice is a good one.. I have the Timberwolves and they are amazing across all genres of music.. Which model are you going with?
  9. Just a quick update... Technics SL1200GR arrived.. VM540ML cartridge arrived... decided to not get Rega Fono MM Mk3 but instead bought a Schiit Mani direct from USA.. Mani was the last piece and it arrived today .... all I can say is I'm blown away with the difference to my old set up. The old set up was not crap but this is just in a different league. The definition and clarity coming from the system is phenomenal.. It feels great when you spend a fair chunk of cash and you get an even better result than you hoped for. Anything I have played so far, Jazz, Rock, Electronica, Classical jus
  10. Also just picked up a Shiit Mani as an alternate phono stage...looking forward to see what the difference is between that and the Fono Mk3
  11. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions! I ended up getting a great deal on a new Technics SL1200GR. Have also decided to pair it with a Rega Fono MM mk3 and a VM540ML cart. Looking forward to hooking it all up. Now i just need to buy some good quality RCA connectors with an earth wire..
  12. Hi all, Keen to get your views on what is the best sub $3K TT (new only-without cartridge). I appreciate the other elements (amp, speakers. phono stage etc.) all have an impact but putting that aside I am keen to get views on what you see as the best bang for buck TT at the moment in the sub $3K range. I am really keen on a Technics SL1200GR but would love to hear from anyone with any alternate suggestions.
  13. Thanks to everyone for their comments. It's great to see(read) eveyones passion.
  14. Thanks for your comments. I just wasn't sure whether the extra info on a SACD played through a SACD player would be significantly noticeable coming through just two speakers. I was of the impression you would notice more in a 5.1 channel type set up. If I was to get the player I was thinking of running it through my Audiolab 6000a integrated via digital coax cable and straight out to my two awesome sounding transmission line speakers. Just curious if it would sound better than the same disks being played through my Audiolab CD transport? Mainly for jazz, fusion and female vocalists.
  15. Will there be much difference between a CD & SACD in a 2 channel traditional stereo set up? I have some hybrid SACD's and don't know if it is worth getting a SACD player or just keep listening to them on my Audiolab CD transport. Keen to hear your views.
  16. That’s exactly the logic so far.. I would prefer a Japanese built unit but I’m yet to hear of anyone saying the Malaysian built versions are inferior. I can use the extra cash on upgrading the stylus if needed.
  17. Thanks for the comments!! I am leaning to the Technics SL1210 mk7 for $1600 at storedj. Any comments would be welcome?? PS: I’m surprised that no one mentioned Rega, or Project or Clearaudio..
  18. I’m keen to get some views on what would be a worthwhile upgrade from an AT LP120 turntable with an upgraded Hyper Elliptical stylus. I’m keen on staying with MM cartridges and looking to spend up to $2k. Amp and speakers are high quality but I am unsure if the extra spend would make a demonstrable difference. Keen on some views and suggestions on TT’s that would be worth considering.
  19. Installed the Jico hyper elliptical stylus today and as nkoulban said WoW.. I am glad I listened to his and Douglas HI-FIs advice.. huge difference...thanks for the tip! ?
  20. Now I am also keen to get rid of the preamp from the at-Lp120. Just not that keen on doing it myself
  21. Any suggestions on the best outlets to buy Jico stylus for AT95? There is only a couple that pop up online for the hyper elliptical..Preferably a place in Melbourne..
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