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  1. Good luck with the sale. 🙂 Can I ask which headphone amp you ended up going with to drive these?
  2. Sorry. On second thought, i won't give into temptation. My wife will kill me if i bring home another pair. I'll pass
  3. Music is her life so over many years i guess the cost wouldn't be so bad. It just means i have a little less to spend on myself. hahaha. I might have to push back my Denon ah-d9200 purchase. 🤣 If she would be using this via her iPhone, would you recommend using the Apple Lightning to Headphone Jack or a dedicated Dac / Amp like the fiiO BTR5?
  4. That would be the dream upon looking into it. Have you had an opportunity to use the U12T? I can only imagine what the U18T would be like like. i'll keep an eye out for the next few weeks and see if i can get a bargain Thank you again
  5. Thanks for all your help guys. After consideration, I've decided to go with a pair IEM. I think these would probably be more practical for her to use as she looks after our 2 year old. I'm still yet to decide what I'll go for but the short list is: Dunu Studio sa6 Blessing 2 Dusk THIEAUDIO Clairvoyance Tanchjim Oxygen Kinera Nanna 2.0 I'm currently thinking I'll go with the Kinera Nanna 2.0. Thanks again
  6. Hi guys I am looking at getting a set of headphones as a present for my wife. She's been struggling during lockdown and thought that she may enjoy an evening of listening after our 2 year old has been put to bed. My wife is a classically trained musician who plays both piano and violin. She has perfect pitch and after hearing a song once, can more or less bash it out on her keyboard. After playing in an amateur orchestra in Tokyo most of her life, she knows her music. The headphone will be primarily used for full orchestral music and connect to my current setup which is: Luxman SQ38u (tube amp) Denafrips ares ii Lumin U1 Mini network music streamer In the day time i plan to use the same headphones connected to a Conductor 3X Reference which i plan to purchase for use on my work desk. With lockdown it is impossible to trial headphones and as it is a surprise present i can't ask my wife on her opinion. Having said that though, i have narrowed my short list to the following: Focal Clear Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro Sennheiser HD800S Audio Technica ath-adx5000 Hifiman Sundara What do you guys think? If there is something else you would recommend please shout out. As for budget, looking at a max of $2000. Thanks Simon
  7. have you guys had any experience with the following? Burson Audio Conductor 3X Performance DAC & Headphone Amplifier Copland DAC, Pre-Amp, Headphone Amplifier The later is a tube amp whilst the former supposedly has a analogue sound quality oops. sorry wrong thread.
  8. On another point what are your thoughts on the Grado SR325e. These are the ones i am considering. In regards to budget, i'm fairly flexible.
  9. Hi Guys My current setup for normal listening is a Lumin T2 feeding into a Denafrips Ares ii. Played on Luxman 38SQu and Chartwell LS3/5. I am now considering a headphone kit for my home office. I do not have a set of headphone as of yet but was considering grado which seem to get decent reviews The kit would connect to my PC where i am streaming using Tidal Hi-Fi Plus. I am considering the following: Denefrips Artemis headphone amp. I would detach the Denefrips Aeries ii from my primary listening kit and use it. Why buy another, right? Schitt Magni Heresy & Modi 3+ combo. Only problem is that there doesn't seem to be any Modi 3+ around. I'm still only a newbie and would appreciate any feedback. What are your thoughts? Do you think im on the right track or would you suggest something else. Thanks and appreciation Simon
  10. I have a Lumin T2 feeding into a Denafrips Ares ii. Played on Luxman 38SQu and Chartwell LS3/5. I won't be selling this combo anytime soon. I can highly recommend the T2.
  11. That is one beauty. I actually used to live in Akihabara 10 years ago, before moving to Asakusa and then later to Saitama. Japan is such a beautiful place and much respect to the Japanese people who treat their gear like their own children. I saw some gorgeous gear when i was living there. Gear that was over 20 years old but still looked near mint. But as a student what money i had would go on food and my own school fees. Now married (i met my wife in Ginza) and with a two year old boy, my money still goes on food and eventually my son's school fees... hahahaha. But life is good and i enjoy streaming through my phone. I can dream to own something like this one day. The buyer will be very lucky indeed. Good luck with the sale my friend.
  12. Currently looking for 35 or 50mm. Primarily into leica legacy but also looking to build up more modem leica glass. I was also looking to buy the 28mm elmarit given the positive reviews.
  13. I just bought an m6 and looking for lenses as well. If you could let me know what you're willing to sell and prices that would be awesome.
  14. Hi all, I've been primary a shooter of Contax and a couple leica lenses (50mm Summicron Dual Range & 90mm Tele-Elmarit) on a Sony body A7II body for a few years and have just now taken the plunge and bought an unused Leica M6 Millennium Edition after saving up for what seems an eternity. This camera will brass up amazingly over the years and will be given to my son when he comes of age (currently one). Assuming that many here will be like myself and have a decent lens collection (mine being mostly mint Contax - living in Japan has its perks) I was wondering if anyone here have any leica lenses they have contemplated selling. If so fell free to reach out to myself. Otherwise if you could recommend a few lenses to look at that would be great. Magnification is the 0.72 version so 35, 50, 75 and 135mm would be main ones to consider, however i will look at getting something wider to use with a finder at some point. I primary shoot travel and landscape. Thanks again guys. This really is a great site. Simon
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